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  1. chass

    ML boot on GA-H55M-S2V hangs at [PCI Configuration Begin]

    I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but I am posting it here based on MacMan's instruction in the 8th page of comments for "MultiBeast 5.0 for Mountain Lion". I also posted it in the comments for "UniBeast: Install OS X Mountain Lion on Any Supported Intel-based PC" as that...
  2. chass

    Failed Mountain Lion Install - Now cannot boot into back up Lion drive

    First off, I am running: CORE I3 540 3.06G GIGABYTE GA-H55M-S2V MSI N8400GS-D512H and used UniBeast 1.5.2 and the draft guide to perform the upgrade from 10.7.4. I back up my drives nightly using SuperDuper, and had backed up the Main OS drive just prior to the install. Everything...
  3. chass

    (SOLVED)Installation hangs at apple screen, w/white 'no' box

    I've been reading and planning for weeks, and finally have all my hardware lined up, and started in on my first Hackintosh this afternoon. Unfortunately, I seem to be stuck without ever really starting. My installation hangs after leaving the iBoot screen for the SL install disk. I only get as...