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  1. kmmm

    Show off your cases!!

    Very Nice for all photos posted. Got a lot of ideas from here. :thumbup: Noom.
  2. kmmm

    Mac Mini in G4 Cube. Less or more Moddy than mini ITX?.

    He..he...heh... guys. Don't be serious too much. :D It doesn't matter how much it is, it matter nobody will buy it. :) I'm so glad that I'm a member of this forum, so I knew what's right what's wrong. :clap: I'll do mod with mini itx for sure but not now. Noom.
  3. kmmm

    Mac Mini in G4 Cube. Less or more Moddy than mini ITX?.

    Thanks minihack for your opinions. That seller might be out of his mind with that price. :lol: I asked the questions here just want to get more ideas and like I guess, it will be more easier way to do since I saw he did not cut the big heat sink. It's just another way of Cube's mod. Noom.
  4. kmmm

    G5 mod with intact case and reused PSU

    Very Really Nice Mod on G5. Looks so clear and clean. :thumbup: Would you mind sharing the way you did wired old PSU with motherboard?. It should be better if you can show your wire diagram. Thanks. Noom.
  5. kmmm

    Mac Mini in G4 Cube. Less or more Moddy than mini ITX?.

    Hi All Guru, I found someone did it on Ebay; Apple G4 Cube w/mac Mini Intel Core 2 Duo 1.83Ghz processor Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. (If I'm not...
  6. kmmm

    Haximus Pro - The Story

    Of course. I like to learn from looking as the pictures posted from this community, grab the good ideas, collect them, and apply to my mod finally. Thanks, Noom.
  7. kmmm

    Original Macintosh Portable Mod

    WoW! EXCELLENT:thumbup: Noom.
  8. kmmm

    Choosing Case: G5 or Mac Pro

    If you really want to use it fast, IMO, go with mac pro case. I just cut the back panel I/O, JB weld stand off, put the mATX board, wired the front panel switch, and that it. Noom.
  9. kmmm

    Power Mac G4 Cube Intel Reloaded Edition - my 2nd Hackintosh Case Mod

    Keep going on friend, I'm with you. :) Noom.
  10. kmmm

    neilharts next modding project ?

    I'm eager to see more your works, neilharts. :) Noom.
  11. kmmm

    New Player - Low Profile Intel DH61AG mini-ITX - G4 Cube

    Ok, neil and minihack. I'll max up ram to 1.5 GB and wait for bleez's advice on installation of Leopard on cube. :) Noom.
  12. kmmm

    PowerMac G4 Cube Sensor - Quick Wiring Guide Video

    PowerMac G4 Cube Sensor - Quick Wiring Guide That's very useful video for all interested in Cube. Thanks eelhead, minihack, and beelz... Thanks minihack as well. :thumbup: Noom.
  13. kmmm

    New Player - Low Profile Intel DH61AG mini-ITX - G4 Cube

    Just a little bit off topic but I don't where should I post this question. Refer to beelzebozo post #87, I want to follow his advice install leopard on my original cube. 1. Reboot your Mac and hold down the Cmd-Opt-O-F keys until you get a white screen with black text. This is the Open...
  14. kmmm

    Apple Cube 2.0 - i5-2500T - GA-H67N-USB3-B3 - 16GB RAM - SSD

    Thanks sleppek, I have learn a lot from reading through your awesome works. Noom.
  15. kmmm

    My CustoMac Mini in a G4 Mac Cube

    I like your works, simply and work. I'm trying mine soon. Noom.
  16. kmmm

    Interested in G4 Cube

    minihack, thanks for your useful info about cooling system. Tell you the truth, I just start thinking about that mod but still have a lot of lacks about the appropriate components that will be fitted inside G4 Cube :P. It seems like I'm going with slimline CPU cooler by your suggestion. I'll...
  17. kmmm

    Interested in G4 Cube

    Thank you all. I'm very positive that the intel board will not have an issues at all after read neilhart's latest project. I'll go with that board + i3 cause I don't need much more power. kmmm.:)
  18. kmmm

    neilharts next modding project ?

    neilhart, you're professional. I'll follow your project every steps until finish. kmmm.
  19. kmmm

    Interested in G4 Cube

    Hi All, Since I was very busy for too long, I was off from this forum for almost 2 yrs. Now I'm back even still a little bit busy with regular works. I hope everybody is doing great, especially eelhead, minihack, and Gus. I used to talk to eelhead a lot while I was trying make my first build...
  20. kmmm

    Correction to Aquamac's MacPro Front Panel USB wiring

    Thanks Powerpcg5, this is what I'm looking for to make mine works.