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  1. Buffex

    Beginners Guide to Dual Boot Windows and OS X

    I am in the process of dual booting a a second PC MSI H611 E35 mother board 8Gb of ram i3 processor, original I intended to make the same installation as to my present desk top as I subscribe keeping separate OS and drives. The original has worked good for a number of years originally with...
  2. Buffex

    Boot issue

    I have an issue with a Maverick installation the spec. I have is as follows MSI H611-E35 motherboard 16Gb memory 79Gb Sara Hard drive. I have followed the installation procedure as instructed all goes well up until Part 5 of the process. The machine comes up with the Apple screen and small...
  3. Buffex

    Occasional event during cold boot

    On occasions when booting from cold before the Clover option screen appears the screen goes black with a symbol in the middle. If someone can through some light on this event I would be most interested.Simply re-booting solves the issue. Kind regards Uffex
  4. Buffex

    [Solved] Lost Lan

    Sierra Success Thanks to you Pilgrim my Hackintosh is back and running I feel I should provide some feed back that may be of help to other contributors. Background: I am a novice building Hackintosh I have a MacPro laptop as well as the desk top originally both using Maverick (My one and only...
  5. Buffex

    [Solved] Lost Lan

    Thank you Pilgrim for your support I made a mistake did not enable the on board Lan when I did I ended up with what I guess is the panic screen, back to BIOS > disabled LAN >booted cleared the S/L/Caches > rebooted its fine works normal. Shut down and we are back to Panic and rebooting. I hope...
  6. Buffex

    [Solved] Lost Lan

    Thank you Pilgrim I have followed the command in terminal however it comes back as a bad command sudo cp -r/Users/Name/Downloads/ALXEthernet/ALXEthernet.kext/System/Library/Extensions/ I have the sound card working the Lan issue I hope is the final part of the struggle. Kind regards Buffex
  7. Buffex

    [Solved] Lost Lan

    I have two issues that the LAN & Audio fails to work, my primary concern is to get the internet working I have tried differing solutions from other folks experience and I feel at a bit of a loss. I hope one of you guys can point me in the right direction to get the Hackintosh fixed. Thanks in...
  8. Buffex

    Canon Pixma 3150 no longer works after Maverick update

    Yes it is USB connected I do not use any wireless features Thanks
  9. Buffex

    Canon Pixma 3150 no longer works after Maverick update

    Good day Folks I am struggling with an printer - scanner issue for some years I have enjoyed a reliable PC Gyg GA-Z77-DS3H mother board 16Gb mem. i7 processor. After updating the Maverick software my printer - scanner was no longer in the system, tried all the solutions I could find including...
  10. Buffex

    Quick guide to configuring the UEFI on Gigabyte's 7-series LGA-1155 motherboards

    Good day Folks I am looking for a little help being new to the Mac PC, I have Mavericks installed to a Gigabyte GA-Z77-DS3H motherboard, it has 16Gb of memory + a i7-3770 processor. All works just perfect apart from one issue that of Audio via HDMI connection. I have used the Multi-Beast...