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  1. Rakuun

    [solved] New Mac App Store

    Anyone else having issues with the new App Store? Every time I attempt to open it, it freezes my machine and I have to do a hard reset.
  2. Rakuun

    GTX 660 no HDMI after sleep in Yosemite

    As the topic states, I am losing signal via HDMI on my GTX 660 after sleep. I am currently using an Asus Maximus VII Gene motherboard. I had no problems with sleep while using DVI, but recently upgraded to a 32 inch LG monitor with only HDMI. I am using the release version of Yosemite...
  3. Rakuun

    Disk Not Ejected Properly with SSD.

    I recently obtained a 60GB Corsair SSD and installed Windows on it. Now I randomly get "Disk Not Ejected Properly" messages in Mavericks pertaining to the SSD that is formatted to NTFS. My two other drives are a Samsung 830 120GB SSD and a Hitatchi 1TB HDD configured as a fusion drive. I am...
  4. Rakuun

    G5 case ideas

    Just picked this up for $50. I have removed all of the internal components. Thinking about getting a conversion kit from here: Any ideas?
  5. Rakuun

    Rakuun's build: GA-Z68X-UD3H - Core i5-2500K - 8GB RAM - Dual 5770's

    Rakuun's Build - GA-Z68X-UD3H - i5-2500K - Dual 5770's EDIT: My server is down due to upgrading FreeBSD. The system pictures that were attached to this post will not be visible until it comes back online. Components Lian LI PC-A05N...
  6. Rakuun

    P55A VS X58A

    I am looking at purchasing one of two motherboards. I had initially decided to purchase a Gigabyte X58A board, but my budget was cut and I am looking to save a little bit of money. The question I have is, what are the performance differences between an X58A board and a P55A? I have looked on...
  7. Rakuun

    World of Warcraft performance?

    I was wondering if anyone here plays World of Warcraft on their hackintosh and what type of performance they are receiving from their machines? I am in the process of building a machine with a Core i7 920, 4GB of DDR3 and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 260. What types of frame rates are people seeing...
  8. Rakuun

    EVGA or Gigabyte X58 motherboard?

    I am in the process of purchasing components to build a new machine. I want to build an X58 with a core i7 920 processor. I have been contemplating two motherboard models. One is an EVGA and the other is a Gigabyte. Here are the two models. Gigabyte X58...