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  1. Vyzantion

    USB Inject All 2019

    Is there an USB Inject All kext 2019 version, compatible with Catalina?
  2. Vyzantion

    Catalina on pen flash drive

    Would it be possible to install Catalina on a 64 gb pen flash drive? I mean, not to create the installation pen drive, but to use the 64 gb pen flash drive like some install macOS on an external SSD.
  3. Vyzantion

    Internal hard-drives invisible

    After creating the Catalina beta install pen drive, the installer boots up fine, but the internal hard-drives are invisible in DiskUtility. I have tried several combinations, but they bring the same result: invisible hard-drives. I have on this legacy Asus machine two internal hard drives: A...
  4. Vyzantion

    Clover boot menu freezes

    On Mojave, In builds of Clover of 4700, 4722 the Clover boot menu froze, I could not use the menu at all. On build 4741 the issue seemed fixed, but on build 4769 the issue came back. I use the Clover from Multibeast for High Sierra, then update to the latest official Clover build. On build 4741...
  5. Vyzantion

    Clover and APFS on Mojave

    For now, to create the Mojave installation pen drive, I use the Clover in Multibeast for High Sierra, then update it to the latest official Clover build. To install Clover on Mojave on Macintosh HD, I use the same method. Now, after searching on this forum, I can not find a clear answer...
  6. Vyzantion

    Clover issue on seeing the Mojave pen drive

    If I create an installation pen drive for Mojave using the latest Tonymacx86 custom build or the latest official Clover build, the Mojave installer on the pen drive it is not visible. After choosing the pen drive in the boot menu of the BIOS (legacy, not UEFI) the screen shows only a small line...
  7. Vyzantion

    Anybody Install Public Beta with non-Metal Graphics Card?

    I am very curious if someone from here managed to get it running on non-Metal graphics. On OpenGL or on some Metal emulation.
  8. Vyzantion

    Unexpected reboot at boot

    Once again, the OS rebooted itself during boot, it seems before ”Waiting for DSMOS”, it could not see exactly when. Last things that appear in Console are ”Apr 19 22:07:10 localhost logd[54]: _logd_remote_start_service: listener activated for Apr 19 22:07:10...
  9. Vyzantion

    Unibeast 8.3.1 offline install

    The newly created installer pen drive with Unibeast 8.3.1 still shows the online button of „Reinstall”(re-downloading the installer from Apple instead of using the files on the pen drive) instead of the offline one of „Install”. The issue from Unibeast 8.3 is still present. I was able to create...
  10. Vyzantion

    Unibeast 8.3 does not allow offline install

    After booting the pen drive, it requires an internet connection to re-download all the installer of High Sierra. This can be a real inconvenience for some of us.
  11. Vyzantion

    Clover developement

    Sorry if this sounds stupid, but has the Clover bootloader developement has been stoped? On the official SourceForge page no new updates. I have found that RehabMan apperantly has a page where he is still working on a fork of Clover, that has just been updated. Perhaps he is the new developer...
  12. Vyzantion

    [Solved] High Sierra 10.13.4 clean install

    Thoose of us Who tried re-creating the installation drive using Unibeast 8.2 experiences some issues. MacMan gave us an answer, to delete some files using Terminal, in order to complete the instalation drive, we have it here...
  13. Vyzantion

    FakeSMC failure?

    I have reinstalled the OS today, on a reboot, after ”Waiting for DSMOS”, I so a message about Apple KeyStore, then a series of messages of Busy Timeout, the OS stoped booting in those about 10 minutes. Reset, I managed to boot it, on console the last line was ”Jan 4 22:46:27 localhost...
  14. Vyzantion

    Intel Management Engine, a requirement for macOS? Possible disable?

    Although I have heard about Intel Management Engine for some time, only a few days ago I realised what is it. (especially from this link ) I have always been concerned about privacy and been suspicious about...
  15. Vyzantion

    Forbidden sign on reboot/Waiting for DSMOS

    I have made some changes on my configuration. I have noticed that, ever since weather was getting cooler, the shutdown down block seem to be getting less present, I have decided to remove verbose mode from the config plist in Clover and also from BIOS (Yep, BIOS has a verbose mode). I have...
  16. Vyzantion

    [Solved] Ethernet not working on beta 6

    A new issues on beta 6. Installed the OS, then started the regular post-install using Multibeast, Clover and Voodoo HDA. Surprise, ethernet does not work, although it works on the Safari on the booted installation drive. Asus P5P41TED Rev X.ox Intel Core 2 Duo e8500 Nvidia GeForce 6200...
  17. Vyzantion

    ACPI Dynamic OEM table load error/Waiting for DSMOS/Horrible performance

    Firstly, on creating the High Sierra beta installation drive, I have edited the config.plist in TextEdit and changed Inject Intel to false and inject Nvidia to True have booted the High Sierra Beta with just the -v boot flag. It went fine. I have proceeded with the installation. On first boot...
  18. Vyzantion

    Shut down issue

    I have changed recently the motherboard, actually two times. At first, everything went fine. After a few days, as the days got hotter and summer moved on, I have noticed an issue, when I gave the command of shutdown, that the system blocks. On the old motherboard, the CPU had a tendency to...
  19. Vyzantion

    Realtek Ethernet kext not working

    My old motherboard crashed. I had to find a new one. I have found fairly cheap a motherboard from the same series, only a little older then the one that was broken. I managed to install Sierra pretty fine, only nasty issue: Realtek Ethernet does not work. Tried several solutions allready posted...
  20. Vyzantion

    [Solved] Sierra AppleACPICPU update 10.12.4

    Updated to the new 10.12.4 without issues on the machine. So I proceed in re-creating the installation media using Unibeast.I typically create two pen drives, using Unibeast and the Terminal command. When testing then, I got the block at AppleACPICPU busy timeout block. I only boot the machine...