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  1. lordmacbr

    UniBeast for High Sierra?

    Is UniBeast going to be released for High Sierra?
  2. lordmacbr

    Boot Sierra X Windows 10 Creator

    I can't boot on Windows or Mac using Clover, it always opens the Windows Boot Manager, making Windows 10 Creator the standard Boot loader. Every time i relvado Clover doesn't open again, giving me the option to choose the system. It would't happen When i used Windows 10 anniversary. Please help...
  3. lordmacbr

    USB 3.0 with problem in El Capitan

    I have a Asus Z87-K motherboard and the USB 3.0 only works with 2.0 devices. Does anyone know how to solve it? Every 3.0 device, that I plug into a 3.0 door, isn´t recognized.
  4. lordmacbr

    Error can't find mach_kernel - Yosemite

    I cant't boot without the pen drive. When I try booting without it, the following error appears: "can't find mach_kernel", can anyone help me? P.S.: I did the installations with UniBeast and then I used the MultiBeast. :banghead: