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  1. Zottwalker

    Updaded to 10.14.6 Supplemental V2 - Now Have Random Reboots

    Updating from 10.14.4 to 10.14.6 Upgrade was fine but... Now my HK randomly reboot after few minutes of use. updated cover, all I can update but... the problem remain also with a fresh install
  2. Zottwalker

    How cani re-enable power management?

    Hi to all. After the installation of mojave using multibeast I checked by mistake "nullcpupowermanagement" option. I need to re enable power management on my build; how can I do that? I checked for nullcpupowermanagement kext on my S/L/E and inside my EFI but I hadn't found it. Thanks as usual...
  3. Zottwalker

    Solved > ASRock Z390 Extreme 4, Mojave and USB 3.0 ports problem

    Dear all, I just finished my new build using this configuration: MB - ASRock Z390 Extreme 4 CPU - I7 9700K RAM 32GB @3200 GPU: Saphire RX580 Mojave 10.14.2 fresh install All I need works fine (ETH, gpu etc.) but my USB 3.x ports don't recognise connected devices if the connected device is a USB...
  4. Zottwalker

    GTX 970, DP and 4K problem

    Hi people.I just buyed a 4K thinkvision x1 display connected to my graphic card via DisplayPort. Video card bios is updated, cable is high end but I have a problem. selecting resolution in the displays preference section os system preference I can get as native resolution only 1920x1080 and...
  5. Zottwalker

    [success] Mojave on z87X UD-5H and I74770K

    just made a fresh install of Mojave on my machine (Z87X UD5-h, 16GB RAM, I7 4770K, Nvidia GTX 970) I was using Sierra because I had a lot of problems trying to install high Sierra; I had never be able to boot the installation program even with a lot of different configuration and bios settings...
  6. Zottwalker

    MacMini stop booting after pen drive use

    Hi to all. I needed to do a clean install of OS X Sierra on two Mac mini late 2014. I used the same couple of USB drive that I created to install Sierra on my Hackintosh but installation process didn't started and after this my Mac mini stopped to boot; every time I turn it on I can only get a...
  7. Zottwalker

    Installation end with a prohibition signal on z87X HD5H

    Hi!I just tried to upgrade my desktop to high Sierra from Sierra (gigabyte z87X UD5H, I7 4770Km Nvidia gtx 970X, 16GB RAM) but at the boot the apple loading logo almost at the end of the bootstrap a prohibition signal appear. I tried with erbose option but I cannot see whats happens because I...
  8. Zottwalker

    OS X El Capitan, Nvidia GTX970 & color profile problem

    Hi! This is my workstation: Z87X UD5H, I7 4770K monitor Dell U2713H & Nvidia GTX970 running OS X 10.11.6 and Nvidia web driver I have this problem: if i set as display profile in "system preferences/Display/Color " the working profile to Dell 2713H using photoshop, illustrator, indesign and...
  9. Zottwalker

    Network stop working after wake-up

    Hi to all! After a working installation of OS X 10.9 on my system (Z87X-UD5H + I7-4770K + 660GTX, connected to my local network using the cable port working after installation with easy beast of appleIGB kext and appleintele1000e kext) i just discovered a little problem: at the wake-up of my...
  10. Zottwalker

    Z87X-UD5H & ML 10.8.5 problems

    Hi! My system: Z87X-UD5H + i74770k + GTX660 2GB - OC ML 10.8.5 installed; system booted fine from prepared USB drive. Then when i try to reboot to install multibeast my system freeze. It works only using -x flag Every time i need to boot i need to put manually the -x flag Installed...
  11. Zottwalker

    Help new build.

    Hi! First of all please excuse my poor english :-) I just tried to start my first hackintosh on my old hardware, i tried with snow leopard at the beginning and all worked fine (iboot method). I can install the system and all was OK. When i tried to install mountain lion (or even lion) to...