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  1. itscience

    using MacOS feedback assistant crashes OS

    I open feedback, begin to create a message (or not, makes no difference), and 2-3 seconds later "poof", hard crash. Does anyone know if there is some dependency on having real mac hardware to use this app? Everything else in the OS I've used is stable, including many 3rd party apps.
  2. itscience

    GA-EP35-DS3P with 8400GS & navigating NOGUID app store error

    Just installed Lion to the following: GA-EP35-DS3P, E8400 Core 2 Duo, Nvidia 8400GS, 4GB RAM. BIOS setting crucial to success are: SATA = ACHI SATA = Native mode Initiate graphics first = PEG hpet = enabled hpet = 64bit USB kb and USB mouse = enabled JMicron SATA = enabled and ACHI software...