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  1. itwas

    Solved > How to choose your "iMac" and version ?

    Clover EFI is a Bootloader, not an APP read the Clover Wiki for more information
  2. itwas

    Am I stupid? Mojave and GTX 680 not working

    I am using Xeon E3-1225V2, i5-3570K with VMWare Fusion, I don't have problem with or without "dart=0"
  3. itwas

    Want to move to Mojave from HS. How do I use IGPU4600 for Mojave but hide my Win10 970GTX from it?

    you may interested to take a look clover r5051+ add support for key names PrimaryGPU/SecondaryGPU in Devices/Properties Add support for key names PrimaryGPU/SecondaryGPU in Devices/Properties - it can be useful for injecting specific properties to GPU where the monitor is or is not connected...
  4. itwas

    GA-Z87-HD3, GTX 660. Mojave. Need help...

    I don't know what LG monitor are you using, some LCD monitor like my Dell Ultrasharp U2713H has a feature called Dynamic Contrast, when this feature is on (by default it is on), it will depends on the content shown on the screen automatically control the backlight. It is very annoying, I have to...
  5. itwas

    Am I stupid? Mojave and GTX 680 not working

    did you check your config.plist ?
  6. itwas

    [SUCCESS] Mojave 14.1 on GA-H77-DS3H+i5-3550+Nvidia GE Force GT 710

    don't randomly copy some setting from somewhere without understand the physical meaning, remove whatevergreen, don't make a simple thing more complicated In fact, activate the IGPU is very easy (7-series chipset + ivy bridge) (6-series chipset + ivy bridge) need one more step, set IMEI fake ID...
  7. itwas

    [SUCCESS] Mojave 14.1 on GA-H77-DS3H+i5-3550+Nvidia GE Force GT 710

    the format was wrong, the fake ID should be constructed with Device_ID (1E3A) + Vendor_ID (8086), i.e. 0x1E3A8086 take a look the clover reference entries (#FakeID)
  8. itwas

    [SUCCESS] Mojave 14.1 on GA-H77-DS3H+i5-3550+Nvidia GE Force GT 710

    6-series chipset + ivy bridge -> you have to set IMEI Fake ID -> 0x1e3a
  9. itwas

    Solved > HD4000 Graphical Glitches and Low VRAM

    try remove whatevergreen set intelGFX = 0x0, // don't set intelGFX = 0x12345678 // invalid device ID IMEI = 0x0 // no need to set Fake ID IMEI for 7-series chipset ig-platform-id = 0x01620005 or ig-platform-id = 0x0162000A or set ig-platform-id = 0x0, let clover select the ig-platform-id for...
  10. itwas

    Problem when IGPU is activated

    PCI GFX devices are class 030000 from your bootlog, your system have only one GFX device (Nvidia GTX760), Intel GFX HD4600 (0x80860412) was not detected, maybe your BIOS setting was wrong 0:100 0:000 === [ GetDevices ] ======================================== 0:100 0:000 PCI (00|00:00.00)...
  11. itwas

    Updated drivers missing from Clover EFI installer

    Dids/clover-builder A simple project that automatically builds Clover as a daily build Releases
  12. itwas

    Trouble Downloading the full 10.14.6 Installer

    (1) The cloned image (macOS_10.14.6_18G87.sparsebundle) was created by CCC disk to image, (Mojave disk in APFS format -> .sparsebundle file) (2) then I formatted the target drive in HFS+J, restore the image to disk (.sparsebundle -> Mojave disk in HFS+J format), CCC will ask you do you want to...
  13. itwas

    Trouble Downloading the full 10.14.6 Installer

    In terms of reliability, I would prefer Carbon Disk Cloner rather than SuperDuper. I just cloned my macOS APFS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G87) backup image to the HDD J-HFS+ using Carbon Disk Cloner 5.1.9 (5737) CCC also created the Recovery HD, the Recovery HD macOS version, is also the latest one...
  14. itwas

    No hardware acceleration no matter what!! HELP!

    since i7-5820K do not have IGPU built-in, therefore no platform-id
  15. itwas

    Radeon RX 4XX/5XX standalone system, AMDRadeonX4250.kext (GVA support H264) does not support HEVC HW

    the process name "ffmpeg" doesn't imply ffmpeg would use Linux API (VAAPI, VDPAU), Windows API (AMF) on macOS macOS has it's own set of API called VideoToolBox, you won't expect Linux/Android API can run on macOS/Windows VideoToolBox Framework Work directly with hardware-accelerated video...
  16. itwas

    Quiet/silent budget video card for Mojave

    Youtube videos are encoded using VP9 codec, even you have RX580 / Vega GPU, it still cannot hardware decode VP9 video.
  17. itwas

    Create a bootable USB-stick from an already existing clover EFI?

    most likely your Legacy USB is missing the boot file
  18. itwas

    [Release] Hackintool v2.8.0

    attached the ioreg.txt for your testing
  19. itwas

    [Release] Hackintool v2.8.0

    software bug in PCI device export function software version : 2.7.0 hardware : Gigabyte Z77N-WIFI, with dual RTL8111F Ethernet Controller issue : PCI device export function : only 17 items on the pcidevices.plist file (should be 18 items in total, one of the Ethernet device is missing)
  20. itwas

    How to enable Geforce GT730 GF108 on Mojave?

    GT730 have two version, which are based on GK208 (Kepler) and GF108 (Fermi) graphics chip Mojave only support Kepler based graphics card, he already said, his card is GF108 (Fermi chip). The graphics card actually is Geforce 500 series but Nvidia rebranded it as 700 series.