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  1. Rothko

    z77-ds3h mute NOW WORKING

    Not sure if this has been covered, but on f11 (beta) BIOS,10.9.2, mute works...finally!:)
  2. Rothko

    Really wireless!

    Hi all! I have been secretly working on this project...I had a good response from the 1940's speaker hack, so Im working on a 1957 Radio conversion. I have already dummy fit it all, but here it is stripped out again because I always forget to show the "in progress" stages. The radio was...
  3. Rothko

    Thumbs up for Corsair (Vengeance RAM)

    I have just had a brand spanking new set of sticks delivered thanks to Corsair. I bought some second hand only to discover one was dead. I sent the info and original receipt to them, in a few days these arrived. I use Corsair vengeance on all my own builds, although I like to throw the cooling...
  4. Rothko

    Concept case design.

    Im looking into building a very small tower to re-house an ITX board. This concept measures only 350mm x 250mm. The power supply (standard) fits in the east wing, all the card readers, disk drive,SSD's etc in the west wing, and up-top a big 'ol fan behind ducting. Any thoughts?
  5. Rothko

    Vintage hack

    Work in progress...I found this very nice 1949 HECO corner speaker recently...although it is almost sacrilege to destroy this, I wanted an antique computer. Amazingly the Mini ITX board is exactly the same profile as the original speaker, so very carefully I removed a rear panel to build the...
  6. Rothko

    Magic mouse...the one with the tiny trackpad built in...

    After using a Trust 9 euro wireless mouse since my first build...great but cheap and plasticky, although very reliable, I found a Cyborg R.A.T. 9 (this is a 120 euro mouse) I was excited about the left -right scroll wheel...big disappointment. I got it for 10 bucks but its unpredictable, does...
  7. Rothko

    Mac Box Pro

    Hi still have not worked out how to post builds properly, so Im back here, from the sublime to the ridiculous I thought I would share my second and third Hack builds. I really really hate cases on the market, so much that I prefer plastic packing crates from the local hardware...
  8. Rothko

    Gigabyte z77 boot loop- but maybe something new...

    GA-Z77-DS3H 3570k Ok Problem first... Power on...Gigabyte screen..... tonymac boot automatically...loop. I can get into Bios but always seems ok I have had the motherboard, CPU, RAM tested by distributor THEY say its ok Originally I had this fail...
  9. Rothko

    Mothership calling!

    Hi all, I never did work out how to set up a proper build profile, so Im going to post it here, hope you like it... Its, a Gigabyte Z77n-wifi, 3225 i3, 8GB corsair, Pico powers, 128GB SSD, 500GB HDD, Scythe Kozuti cooler, laser keyboard, Also has a pico projector (Optoma 301+), not shown...
  10. Rothko

    Bus speed missing from system profiler

    Looked for an answer first honest...any ideas?
  11. Rothko

    Pushing up geek-bench score HD4000

    Hi all, I think Im scoring a little low judging by Geek-Bench tests (32bit) I get around 10600, Its a standard chip Im getting the 1600mhz from the RAM, I have an SSD which I though would help..seems most other builds score over 12000. Any advice? Im using HD 4000. 3570k GA-Z77-DS3H 16gb 1600...
  12. Rothko

    Can't Install from the USB Thumb Drive

    Ok, so tonight, got it all, put it together, downloaded ML..... After the instal (after the usb instal) it runs, i run multi beast, follow the profile in the guide, have no audio, then....cant reboot, one time so far crashed, then wont reboot any ideas? I noticed the second time that the...
  13. Rothko

    About to buy, any advice?

    Hi All sorry WHEN I format things wrongly here, I never use forums, but this one is just so cuddly. So here is what Im planning as a cheap and easy (I hope) build, would love to hear your suggestions. Also, would ASUS motherboards be better, is raid a big deal etc? I mainly edit video and...