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  1. tmbt

    Spoofing and SMBIOS

    Hi guys, so i've this question. For various reasons i'm using Rehaban config.plist with skylake spoofing. My real CPU is a i5-7200U Kaby Lake and i'm spoofing a Skylake CPU. Ideally the closest SMBIOS i should use is the MacBookPro14,1 but here is the question : I'm spoofing a Skylake CPU so...
  2. tmbt

    Power Consumption

    Hi guys, here is the issue : After a fresh boot my laptop power consuming according to Intel Power Gadget at idle PKG 0.8 as showed in the screenshot i took attached to this post. But after the laptop goes to sleep and wake up the Intel Power Gadget shows PKG at idle is 1.3 and never goes lower...
  3. tmbt

    Current working method to inject EDID

    Hi, for several reasons i'm trying to inject a custom EDID for my display. I tried all the methods i was able to find (one at the time) : DisplayProductID file in Override forlder Clover injection old method using Graphics/CustomEDID Clover injection method using Device/properties Kext created...
  4. tmbt

    Wake from sleep using lid doens't work

    I have this problem: Wake from sleep using lid doesn't work. If i use Apple-> Sleep everything is working as it should. The laptop goes to sleep. After some minutes i can wake without issues. If i close the laptop lid and i wait some minutes (to be sure the laptop went in sleep mode) and open...
  5. tmbt

    Solved > Hotpatch question

    Hi, i'm trying to figure out why my hotpatchs doesn't work. I have several hotpach in my clover patched folder (2 made by myself and other i copied from Rehabman hotpach repository). To debug why my hotpatch isn't working i've used the patchmatic -extract command and then decompiled my asl using...
  6. tmbt

    Solved > KP during update 10.14.3

    Hi, i'm having a KP when try to perform the latest Mojave update but i can't understand why. Could you please help me diagnose the problem ? Anonymous UUID: FFD891D1-779D-D2DE-8431-E06EB7741DE3 Mon Feb 11 04:54:48 2019 *** Panic Report *** panic(cpu 2 caller 0xffffff7f93b2a239)...
  7. tmbt

    Clover InjectKext and VirtualSMC

    Hi, i've a question. In Reahbman guide is stated that if Clover -> SystemParameters-> InjectKexts= Detect if FaksSMC is detected in kernel cache then the kexts in Other are ignored. Does this apply also to VirtualSMC ? If not how can i obtain the same result ? Thanks Mattia
  8. tmbt

    Solved > Huawei Matebook D - ALC256 problem

    Hi, i've a problem setting up my audio device using Lilu + AppleALC. The device is recognized by the operating system. Headphone is working correctly using Lilu + AppleALC + CodecCommander + ALC256.aml + ID =13 but internal laptop speaker behave strange. I can hear from the speaker but very low...
  9. tmbt

    No HDMI signal (Video & Audio)

    Hi, i've my hackintosh working since few months now and i'm quite happy about it but yesterday i tried for the first time to connect an external monitor just to realize i had no signal on the external monitor. What am i doing wrong ? I attach the usual problem report Thanks Mattia
  10. tmbt

    [solved] AppleALC - No audio

    Hi Rehabman, long story short. I upgraded from High Sierra to Mojave and everything was working good but i bought a new SSD so installed Mojave from scratch on this new SSD and started the patching process from the beginning. Now i can't enable audio using Lilu and AppleALC but if i remove the...
  11. tmbt

    cannot open some thread

    I tried differente browser and computer but everytime i click on some particular thread the browser redirect me to the Last activity page. The threads are these :
  12. tmbt

    Wifi AR9285 not working anymore

    Hi RehabMan, i just realized that my WiFi isn't working anymore. I can switch it on but it will not detect any wireless network. I don't know when it stopped to work because i use wifi only few times a month so it could have been a clover update or OS update or something broken .. not sure. I...
  13. tmbt

    HWMonitor - No fan reading

    Hi, as per topic HWmonitor app doesn't read my fan speed. After i istalled HWMonitor plugins i'm able to see CPU temperature and CPU Cores Frequences but no fan speed. What can i do to fix this ? I saw a lot of different solutions but they are related to a specific model so i don't know if...
  14. tmbt

    remapping 2 keys using VoodooPS2Controller

    Hi Rehabman, i would like to remap 2 keys because they are inverted on my laptop italian keyboard. To be more clear when i press the "\" key which is top left on my keyboard i got "<" and when i press "<" i got "\". So i just need to exchange this 2 keys. What i did was to enable in terminal the...
  15. tmbt

    [solved] No audio on El Capitan

    Hi Rehabman, i tried to activate my audio card without luck so far. I've tried using AppleHDA patcher and also AppleALC using Lilu.kext ... both methods were working in the past on High Sierra on the same laptop but right now none of them work on El Capitan. I attach my debug files
  16. tmbt

    [solved] No device in the Eject icon

    Hi rehabman, as stated in the object i've a problem. I don't have the option to open the tray of my DVD reader after the upgrade to 10.12.4. It was there before but now if i click on the icon in the system tray it says "No device" but if i check under information of my Mac the reader is...
  17. tmbt

    Cpu upgrade ... what about Clover patched files ?

    Hi, i'm going to upgrade the cpu of my laptop from i3 to i7 3632qm. I would like to know if I have to restart from scratch about disassembly all the original clover files and patch them again like it's a new laptop or maybe i just need to modify the power manager patch ? Thanks Mattia
  18. tmbt

    Clover upgrade and DSDT

    Hi Rehabman, i've a question for you. Few days ago i upgraded Clover to the last version available and after the reboot i noticed my Nvidia was there but i've disabled it one month ago. I was able to understand why so i decided to start fresh. I deleted the patched folder in CLOVER and also the...
  19. tmbt

    Acer v3 771g

    Hello, I've an Acer V3 771G. It has Intel i3 - 8GB RAM - Intel HD4000 and Nvidia 630M. I succesfully installed El capitan using your guide but i've lot of things that doesn't work : Intel HD 4000 it's laggy and OS X says i've only 5MB RAM No Audio No ethernet No Wireless I tried to follow your...