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  1. Kapaaian

    Show Changes on CustoMac Buyers Guide

    Here's a pretty easy suggestion. If there are any changes to the CustoMac Buyer's guide month to month, highlight those changes. Would just be nice for those of us whom look for little changes to our wishlists.
  2. Kapaaian

    Vagaries and Oddness

    Good Afternoon, just a few quick questions since I seem to be having a little difficulty. I'm using an i5-2400 and a gigabyte H67MA-UD2H-B3. Unibeast works fine, installs find and boots into the install fine. Out of box everything except audio seems to work (not counting USB3 and iCloud)...
  3. Kapaaian

    Quiet Cooler, no bracket?

    Anyone have any suggestions for a quiet cooler that doesn't require a bracket to be installed?
  4. Kapaaian


    I'm considering building a rack mount system to be my "always on" system. I'm wondering if anyone has put anything like this together using Sandy Bridge hardware, and if so, what hardware worked best? I'd be looking for something quiet with the maximum number of SATA ports. If all of the port...
  5. Kapaaian

    Hide Installer Partiion

    Is there an easy way to hide/keep the installer partition from mounting once installation is complete? I don't really want to delete it (probably will be useful), but don't like seeing it either. Ian
  6. Kapaaian

    ASUS GeForce EN 210 Silent 1 GB Dual Displays

    Hi, First, big thank you to everyone here. System has been rock solid with the new xMove method and loving Lion. Quick question with (probably a quick answer I won't like). From what I've been able to find, is it true that the graphics card I've picked can only output dual displays if I use the...