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  1. ZaYoOoD

    Soooo.. Did MB 5.0 fix the USB 3.0 for ML?

    Currently my ML system is running perfectly.. I used the old MB when I installed.. The only thing that does not work is my USB 3.0 card, which was working on Lion.. Did multibeast 5 fix the issue? If so, what do i have to do?
  2. ZaYoOoD

    Any fix for USB 3.0 in Mountain Lion?

    Hi, I bought a NEC uDP720200 USB 3.0 card.. I can't get it to run correctly on Mountain Lion.. Any working solution? thnx
  3. ZaYoOoD

    Gigabyte motherboard BIOS auto reset after each boot!!!

    Gigabyte motherboard BIOS auto reset after each boot!!! [Solved] Hi, I had Mac OS X Lion installed with no problem at all. I just did a fresh install of Mountain Lion (formatted the HDD then installed), everything is working fine, all ports and all, except I have this weird issue, whenever I...
  4. ZaYoOoD

    I need USB 3.0!

    Hi, I am in real need of USB 3.0 right now. LaCie's USB 3.0 adapter uses the small PCI express port, which my motherboard supports. The only question is, if I buy it, will I be able to run it on my Hackintosh? what about on Mountain Lion? thnx
  5. ZaYoOoD

    Is it possible to have dual boot of 2 Mac installations?

    Hi, I just bought an SSD, I plugged it in, and installed Lion on in using UniBeast. The installation finished successfully, but when I try to boot using the UniBeast USB stick, it gives me a kernel panic with the error message "No HPETs available, CPU configured incorrectly" then it says...
  6. ZaYoOoD

    Fresh installation of Mountain Lion or upgrade from Lion?

    Hi, I just bought an SSD hard drive, and I am going to do a fresh install of my hackintosh again. Of course, I'm gonna want to use Mountain Lion when it's released.. So, what do guys think i should do, Install Lion now, then upgrade the normal way to Mountain Lion when it's released.. or Keep...
  7. ZaYoOoD

    My bluetooth dongle is not working? [Solved]

    Hi, i bought "Rocketfish RF-MRBTAD" since it was recommended by many, and was listed in the Bluetooth list in tonymacx86 wiki. It is supposed to be working out of the box, but when i connect it to my hackintosh, i go to System Preferences, and i don't find the Bluetooth panel! When i got to...
  8. ZaYoOoD

    Any Wi-Fi USB adapter recognized as AirPort?

    Hi, can any one lead me to a USB wifi adapter that'll be recognized as AirPort, to function exactly as in MacBooks.. like no need for kexts or wifi connection tools, connect just as in MacBook.. I have 10.7.4 thnx
  9. ZaYoOoD

    How can i use Apple MagicMouse on 10.7.4 hackintosh?

    Hi, simply, i have a hackintosh running 10.7.4, and i want to buy an Apple MagicMouse, so i think i'm gonna need a Bluetooth dongle.. Can you recommend any BT dongles that are easily compatible with 10.7.4, that i can buy from eBay or Amazon? thnx
  10. ZaYoOoD

    <key>Graphics Mode</key> Not working?!

    Hi, On boot, the apple logo is showing in low resolution "1024x768", instead of full resolution.. I tried the old "<key>Graphics Mode</key>" trick on org.chameleon.Boot.plist, but nothing changed.. So, here is my org.chameleon.Boot.plist content: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>...
  11. ZaYoOoD

    Change my graphics driver back to ATI Radeon 5000?

    Hi, I have an ATI Radeon 5670 graphics card.. when i first created a hackintosh last year, it needed a whole lot of drivers.. but recently, i formatted my drive and reinstalled Lion.. of course the graphics card was supported this time without extra kexts.. MY QUESTION: When at first after the...
  12. ZaYoOoD

    Windows 7 + Mac OS X Lion dual boot [SOLVED]

    Hi, I have Mac OS X Lion installed on my hackintosh, everything is running smoothly and nice, my hackintosh runs faster than my MacBook Pro! :headbang: anyway, so I want to install Windows 7 as another boot.. I realize that I have to reformat, install Windows 7, and then install Mac OS X as a...
  13. ZaYoOoD

    Lion OS X dual boot?

    Hello, I have Mac OS X Lion installed on my hackintosh, and i was wondering whether there's a way to install Windows 7 as a second boot? What I know is that i should install Windows 7 first, but what about if Lion is already installed?
  14. ZaYoOoD

    Updated to Lion.. two displays detected instead of one!

    Hello, I was on 10.6.8, updated to 10.6.8 then to Lion successfully.. No problems, Audio, Ethernet and Graphics Card are working.. One thing though, when i go to Settings>>Displays it shows two displays instead of one! Although only one display is connected.. (DELL E197FP Display & VGA Display)...
  15. ZaYoOoD

    G41M ES2L rev 1.1 No Audio!

    Hello, after a lot of work i could get my graphics card ATI Sapphire HD 5670 to work properly on mac, but i have no audio, using the normal motherboard onboard ports. I think it was available before i update to 10.6.4 'further updated do not support my graphics card!' i installed both AppleHDA...
  16. ZaYoOoD

    My new graphics card would not work, my old one does!

    Hello, this is my first time trying the hackintosh method, i'm using the iBoot and multibeast. So here is what i did, first i installed snow leopard through iBoot, reboot, did the configuration of Apple, updated to 10.6.6, installed "EasyBeast & System Stilities" from MultiBeast, reboot.. "i...
  17. ZaYoOoD

    can i start with 10.6.3 cd?

    Hello, i have an Apple OS X snow leopard 10.6.3 retail dvd, can i start the project of tonymacx86 with this dvd, or does it have to be 10.6.0?
  18. ZaYoOoD

    Would my hardware work?

    Hello, i thank everyone who worked one this awesome project, they really did an amazing job. So, before i got ahead and try it, i Have a couple of questions: 1- would my current hardware work? this is it: -Motherboard: Gigabyte G41M ES2L rev 1.1 -Processor: Intel Core2Due 3.07 -Graphics Card...