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  1. sheshanth77

    Can't reach installer ! Unibeast El capitan

    hey i hav still the problem help me get the installer
  2. sheshanth77

    Volumes Are Mounted unibeast 6.2

    you are really right about it but don't rename it just delete the file by changing the permission rights and try making the usb drive
  3. sheshanth77

    El Capitan Unibeast 6

    i tried in 32 gb didn't work
  4. sheshanth77

    El Capitan Unibeast 6

    i tried in 5 different USB didn't work
  5. sheshanth77

    El Capitan Unibeast 6

    same problem buddy help me
  6. sheshanth77

    UniBeast: Couldn't remove installation packages

    buddy even i got the same problem help me solve it but the sudo command on terminal will not not create a bootable copy for non-mac computers
  7. sheshanth77

    unibeast error

    when i create a bootable usb using unibeast 2 .I get a error message "There was error creating your Unibeast drive : Counldn't remove installation packages ". please help me