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  1. anor4k

    [SOLVED] No more extra current from USB in Sierra (DSDT related)

    Until El Capitan 10.10.5, I managed to get 1600mA extra from USB (can be seen on System Information > USB) by applying some DSDT patches. But after updating to Sierra, it will only provide default 500mA power through USB. This was really useful for charging iDevices faster through my computer...
  2. anor4k

    [SOLVED] System reboots when trying to boot into installer

    Hi, I have been trying to install the 10.12 public beta on my machine, over my current install. However, I simply can't boot the installer. My system restarts during the Apple logo w/ the progress bar. At first I was trying a "normal installation", using the installer directly, to no success...
  3. anor4k

    No Display/USB after wake on 10.11

    Since upgrading to 10.11, my computer has been having trouble waking up. It will go to sleep normally, and I can wake it with BT (IOGear GBU521) Apple Keyboard/Mouse. However, The display won't receive any signal from my HD6850 and USB won't work (since I have a USB audio adapter, I tested USB...
  4. anor4k

    [Solved] Help installing OS X El Capitan Public Beta directly from Yosemite with Clover

    Hi, I've enrolled in the OS X 10.11 public beta and downloaded El Capitan through the app store. I've read (briefly) that it is possible to install it directly from Yosemite, without the need to create a USB Installer, with lover. However, if I try to simply use the installer, nothing will...
  5. anor4k

    Specific Apple ID won't work with iMessage on 10.9

    Specific Apple ID won't work with iMessage on 10.9 [SOLVED] Since some point in 10.8, I have been unable to log in to my iMessage account on my hackintosh (which is a Gigabyte z77x-up5 th with an i7 3770K, using onboard ethernet). When I upgraded to 10.9, I expected my issue to be solved, since...