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  1. rojarrolla

    Sporadic prohibited logo Mojave 10.14.5 (maybe other versions of mojave)

    Hello guys! I noticed after updating to 10.14.5 that sometimes, not every time, when booting, right after selecting the boot partition in clover, the screen only shows the prohibited white logo and the computer halts. If I reboot It will boot normally, but this happens sometimes. I have 3...
  2. rojarrolla

    Solved > Gigabyte Z390 Gaming SLI USB 3.0 Ports Working Mojave 10.14.5

    It is really a pain in the neck to make work the 3.0 USB ports in a custom mac if you are a person who uses a PC as a tool and not as a life. Ive read countless threads and posts and asked moderators a lot of questions which they, by the way, answered partially. What a shame! And got some...