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  1. jose galvan

    Clover won't boot.

    What is the current version of Mac OS you are running? I just upgraded my H55-UD2H (F11) from Mavericks to Sierra. I did start with a clean El Capitan install on a new SSD.
  2. scissorhands

    [Solved] Sierra upgrade: kernel panic at ATIRadeonX2000 (old hardware)

    Hi, Let me just start by saying that I know my hardware is old - but I hope not too out-of-date to get Sierra running. I first started back with Snow Leopard, then upgraded to Mavericks a year or two ago, and now am trying to upgrade to Sierra (10.12.6). Current hardware: Motherboard: Gigabyte...
  3. Going Bald

    Unable to create USB installer with Unibeast

    This board has PS/2 port, yes? Try connect KB to USB port next to PS/2 port and mouse to the other one. These are the 2 most likely to be active. Next, check BIOS - have you enabled USB Keyboard and USB mouse usage? Some of the Award AMI BIOSes you specifically had to enable USB KB/M or only the...
  4. wavesequence

    Unable to create USB installer with Unibeast

    Very kind of yours. You know that your replies make me happpy. Anway, I succeeded creating a Mavericks USB installer with Unibeast at last, redownloading it from AppleStore. Then I attempted to install Mavericks but, as you read it before, I encountered that annoying unrecognized USB keyboard...
  5. wavesequence

    Unable to create USB installer with Unibeast

    I'm writing to ask for some help. Although I had a USB key that I regularly created with Unibeast and an original download of Mavericks, I encountered some issues at startup because both keyboard and mouse weren't recognized on a H55M-UD2H. Thus I followed the advice to substitute the DSDT.aml...
  6. bareko

    El Capitan on Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H

    I am so happy that my old GA-H55M-UD2H is compatible to new versions of mac OS :clap:. But i have a question! What was your fist clean instalation? Mavericks or upgrades were step by step from Snow Leopard? I need to know that version to install first.
  7. Adrian B

    UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    I used search and found the followinhg thread that should give some good information (note that this user has AMD GPU): Same board - general Mavericks install info...
  8. davewyn25

    GA-H55M-UD2H post install issues

    Hi All Hopefully someone can shed some light here its my first time installing el capitan on my machine i thought to bite the bullet from using mavericks and jump to the next os, I've used this guide which is specific to my motherboard/setup...
  9. AndruX

    ga-h55m-ud2h ram upgrade problem

    I have fully working hackintosh, 10.9.5 Mavericks ga-h55m-ud2h (rev1.3) +Core i3 gt8600 (Asus) 2x2GB ram (Kingston 1333, inserted in slot#1 and slot#3) DSDT f11 (not modified) Everything works... Now I want update the RAM to 2x2GB what I have and 2x4GB 1333, Kingston For the next tests...
  10. Blog

    UniBeast: Install OS X El Capitan on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    I am also having the same issue in trying to do a fresh install on a new hard drive. I do know that in the past there have been similar probs in getting mouse and keyboard to work with these older MB's. I've done a search on those solutions and tried to work them into Clover but with no success...
  11. seans9

    Added ram to stable build and now it won't boot

    I upgraded ram on my GA-H55M-UD2H from 2x1GB sticks to 2x4GB and now Mavericks will not boot. I've tried -v, -x, -f, PCIRootUID=1 with no luck. It reboots before I get a chance to pause the output so I recorded it in 120fps on my iPhone and went frame by frame to get the following...
  12. wavesequence

    Help for H55M-UD2H and Mavericks

    I would install Mavericks on a relatively old hackintosh running Snow Leopard. I'm using the same Unibeast USB stick I prepared for my latest hackintosh based on a Z77. Although I succeed loading OSX Mavericks installer, both keyboard and mouse are not working. I had a look into BIOS settings...
  13. tofuconfetti

    Yosemite, GA-Z77X-UD5-TH, Google services VERY slow

    Yosemite, GA-Z77X-UD5-TH, Network Slow, SOLVED This is an interesting quirk, and I would like to know if anyone has experience this or has any ideas. I have the above listed mobo and have installed Yosimite by the tonymacx86 upgrade method, which worked great, by the Unibeast/Multibeast...
  14. lapotato

    No Audio Devices - Realtek ALC AppleHDA [Guide]

    Ok- After Yosemite update I can't get sound back. Here goes: 1. No output device in system preferences after Yosemite 2. 10.10.1 / Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H / F11 / i3 540 / nVidia GT 630 3. Upgrade from Mavericks per Tonymac thread, ran Multibeast w/ typical 889 driver install as per past...
  15. lapotato

    [Failure] Upgrade 10.9.5->10.10 GA-Z97X-UD3H (F7 bios), i5 4690K (Devil's Canyon), GTX660

    Did you have any luck with your GA-H55M-UD2H? I have a very stable Mavericks install. Tried Yosemite a couple of times on cloned drives/ alt. partitions but could never get stable booting after install / Multibeast. Looks like I'm giving up until something shakes loose..
  16. lapotato

    Ga-h55m-ud2h v1.3

    Interested to follow this thread. I have a GA-H55M-UD2H system. I'm running Mavericks now, very stable and all working except iMessage. Have updated a clone, and tried a fresh installed on an alternate partition using unibeast/multibeast but haven't gotten booting to run properly. Not...
  17. wildpack

    How To Install OS X Yosemite Using Clover

    Damn You...... I just managed to boot the USB and was going to report back. And then I see your post. By diddling the config.plist with Clover Configuration I managed to get past the "no entry" sign and to the spinning beachball. After about 8 hours of trying, I spent another day following...
  18. spang1974

    How To Install OS X Yosemite Using Clover

    I am booting with Clover and UEFI, so normal boot takes me less than 50 seconds, installation boot takes less than 2 minutes. Not sure how long with EFI, but Chimera/Unibeast usually took around 1 min 47 seconds for normal boot and less than 3 minutes for installation boot when I used them...
  19. Sebaxtian

    New hackintosh build

    Currently I'm running Mavericks 10.9.5 on a Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L, Nvidia 9500GT 512MB and Q6600 processor. The system runs quite well, especially after I upgraded my HDD to a Kingston SSD. I recently received a computer from a friend of mine. The computer has an Intel i7 860 processor, Gigabyte...
  20. Jankum

    R9 290 dual monitor

    Following this guide,8489.0.html I had to add my cards Dev-ID to the 8000 and x4000 kext, interestingly enough, the 290x was already there, just no 290 (Installed provided kexts, copied from S/L/E to desktop, edited kexts, reinstalled using kext beast...