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  1. eth3130

    GTX 1070 vs Dual RX 580

    I’ve had a GTX 1070 in my editing hack for a couple years now. I’ve become frustrated with the stability and now with no official driver support (yet), I think it’s time to move on. Has anyone had any success with running two RX 580s in Crossfire? I primarily use this machine for Premiere Pro...
  2. eth3130

    10.13.3 Extreme Lag

    Hi, I just successfully completed a fresh install of High Sierra 10.13.3. Everything is working, but extremely laggy. The mouse is the worst part. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. eth3130

    High Sierra direct update stuck

    Hi I’m updating to High Sierra 10.13.2 from a working Sierra installation. The progress bar keeps getting stuck about 9/10 of the way to the end. I’ve left it for several hours like this and it hasn’t moved. I’ve updated clover, tried disabling Nvidia graphics and still no luck. Any suggestions...
  4. eth3130

    Strange Intermittant Problem (SmBios Issue?)

    Hi, I’ve been putting together my second hack and I’ve come across a strange problem. Every now and then the WiFi speeds will dwindle to almost nothing no matter what network I’m connected to, my Bluetooth keyboard will connect and disconnect constantly and even my usb wireless mouse won’t work...
  5. eth3130

    Recognizing USB audio interface

    hi, I have a minor issue but it gets to be quite annoying. I use a USB audio interface for my main audio output. Currently I have it on the DC power supply instead of bus power. Every time I start up the machine I have to unplug the power and plug it back in to get the computer to recognize it...
  6. eth3130

    getCPUIDinfo this is an unknown CPU model 0x5e

    Hi, I've had my 7700k hackintosh working perfectly for a few weeks now. I decided to update to 10.12.5 today and it broke my graphics fixes for my RX 480. Everything else worked fine. I'm not sure what I did but now all of a sudden it won't complete a boot and gets stuck at WARNING...
  7. eth3130

    10.12.4 Stuck on boot

    I just got everything working perfectly on 10.12.4 and I restarted to test my graphics and suddenly I got stuck on the boot screen. Can anyone help? I'm still fairly new to the hackintosh community so I'm totally lost. Image by eth3130 posted Mar 28, 2017 at 12:26 AM