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  1. Kean86

    Bcm94352z | dw1560 causes Windows 10 Lockup / Freeze

    Hello, @userpakal, thanks for answering, but following your advice and installing those drivers, Windows continues to recognize the wifi card, but I do not get any network, in fact windows shows me the wifi card as "Turned off". I do not know if any additional BIOS configuration will be necessary
  2. Kean86

    Bcm94352z | dw1560 causes Windows 10 Lockup / Freeze

    @Killuminati91, @sparc1234, @edbr, @Sevinkroff: Someone could share the driver's link, and the steps to follow, because that driver I finds it but for another old card version(Network_Driver_71T5D_WN32_7.35.340.0_A03.EXE) and not work for my. Thanks
  3. Kean86

    Dell XPS 15 9570 MacOS Mojave and HDMI Output

    Hi @pmtremblay, any advance with hdmi output?? I have same situation.
  4. Kean86

    Dell XPS 9570 Hackintosh Mojave Dual Monitor doesn't work

    Hi @GiovanniMI, I have the same problem. Have you made any progress with that? Please update the post if found a solution
  5. Kean86

    Dell XPS 15 9570...

    Hi, try to use this guide: I have a DELL XPS 9570 too, with an i7 8750H CPU, 16GB RAM, 4K touchscreen. I have successfully installed the Mojave, only some things do not work for me, If someone has managed to solve any of these problems please comment...