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  1. chicken190

    BootCamp definitive answer....

    I know that the recommended method is to have two different boot drives, one with OSX and one with Windows. (for example). I am curious if I wanted to, just for conversations sake, use BootCamp to set up a Windows OS? Can anyone give me a straight answer? Can anyone give me a bit of an...
  2. chicken190

    kernel panic when i enable trim with multibeast

    I have tried to update my computer many times to 10.9.2 and it seems that every time that i complete the update my trim is not enabled. When i use multibeast to enable my trim via trim patch 10.9.x my computer goes into a kernel panic and wont boot. I am kind of at a stand still here and...
  3. chicken190

    running parallels??

    is it possible to run the parallel program on a hack my gut says yes but i just want a confirmation.
  4. chicken190

    Wireless Keyboard and Trackpad Working?

    how do i get a wireless keyboard and trackpad working since they used bluetooth? do i have to buy a dongle that will allow me to get bluetooth. also are there support for such devices?
  5. chicken190

    question about new CustoMacs

    the mobos that are chosen in the updated custoMacs have the sata 6gb/s hardware but the hardrive is the sata 3gb/s, will you get better results with a 6gb/s hardrive or does it not matter?
  6. chicken190

    Question about programs on a hack

    i have not built my hack yet, and before i do i have a few simple questions. 1. do programs like ilife 09 work with a hack? 2. also can i go onto the appstore that is made by apple and download programs for my comp? 3. if no to these two above, how do i get programs that are needed on my hack...