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  1. brado32

    Catalina Multibeast settings for Z170MX-Gaming 5

    Hello folks, Anyone have exact multibeast settings for Catalina for GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 motherboard? thanks
  2. brado32

    No audio devices - Catalina GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5

    Hello good people.. Dusting off an old Yosemite machine and upgraded to Catalina. Running the latest multibeast 12.3.0 for Catalina I was expecting to find my audio driver ALC1150 in the list, but its not there.. There is AppleALC (which I tried) and VoodooHDA drivers. None seem to work. I...
  3. brado32

    Yosemite to Mojave - Migration Assistant

    Hello folks.. Biting the bullet and upgrading to Mojave. I will be wiping out a Yosemite installation and staring from scratch. I have a time machine backup of my system with Yosemite. Goal is to save all my apps and plugs as this is a production studio machine. Someone sanity check me here...
  4. brado32

    format or plow over

    Hey guys. I'm sure this is covered around here. but searches have just confused my little brain. Here's the deal: I need to upgrade to high sierra from yosemite. This is a working machine in a recording studio and the yosemite drive also has lots of plugins and stuff I would rather not have to...
  5. brado32

    Vid card recommendation - native - no drivers

    Hi All, Sorry I haven't kept up with vid cards as much. Looking for a basic card 6xx or 7xx that is still readily available that I can throw in a high-sierra hack without loading drivers. Any native cards out there available that I can pick up? Will the GT710 wort without drivers? thanks
  6. brado32

    Dual monitor help with GA-Z270X - I7 - Sierra

    Build went surprising smooth by following this guide: I just cant get dual monitors working. Hot swapping the HDMI monitor causes the hack to restart. and I...
  7. brado32

    Moving to Sierra - Restore files

    Hi folks.. Not sure where to exactly post this. Plus, I'm sure this has been covered. I am running on a very stable Yosemite system. Hack is used in a studio. With the purchase of some new gear, I must now move to Sierra for support. My head is spinning a bit on how best to upgrade without...
  8. brado32

    Machine reboots on shut down with usb 3 hub plugged in

    Hi folks.. Weird issue with a newly built hack. Any time I have a usb 3 powered hub plugged into any usb 3 port upon shutting down the machine, it shuts off then immediately turns back on. If I unplug the hub, it shuts down properly. I have tried 3 different usb hubs. Obviously power down the...
  9. brado32

    Adding GT640 to Sierra system

    Hi guys.. Someone double check me on steps to adding a GT640 gfx card to a working sierra HD530 system. Power off machine - install card connect monitor to card and go into bios and change to external gfx at clover boot turn off inject intel? once booted, clover configurator and perm turn off...
  10. brado32

    Native gfx cards in Sierra

    Sorry if this has been asked.. couldn't find. Are there any native gfx cards support in Sierra. I have an old gt640. Wondering if that will work in sierra without loading any nvidia drivers? If not, any other cards work out of the box with no drivers needed in sierra? thanks
  11. brado32

    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH and Sierra?

    Hi all, Did a quick search and couldn't find anyone that built a sierra system using this MB.. Anyone with a success guide? thanks
  12. brado32

    [SOLVED] Dual monitor no workie

    Hi guys, I know this has been asked before. I cant get two monitors to work on boot up with Yosemite 10.10.5 (clover).. One will work fine if I plug in after the system is up and running. But whenever I boot with both monitors plugged in I get something similar to this: First monitor is...
  13. brado32

    Dual monitor help

    I have this when trying to boot with two monitors plugged in. Several folks seem to be having the same two monitor issue. Can anyone offer some help ?? System boots fine with one monitor connected and you can plug in the 2nd no problem. If you restart or reboot with both monitors connected, you...
  14. brado32

    Yosemite keeps freezing/locking up

    Hi all, thought I had a clean nice install of Yosemite, but the machine randomly locks up on me.. I could be going for about 10-30 mins and then bam, locks up.. no kernel errors.. just locks and I have to hard reset the machine.. I have confirmed mulibeast settings with other builds on here...
  15. brado32

    CPU temp App for Yosemite

    Hey guys, Almost there.. got a new build here for audio purposes and using silent stuff (fanless CPU cooler, etc.) I am a little worried about the CPU temp on this i7-4790K .. Is there a way to get a CPU temp app to work correctly in Yosemite? thanks -Brad
  16. brado32

    memory modules heatsink

    Hi folks, Putting my machine together and using the : Crucial Ballistix Sport XT 32GB (8GB modules). The Heatsinks on the models are too high for my CPU cooler. Can someone recommend an equivalent memory stick that is low profile that would work.. thanks -Brad
  17. brado32

    any Pro toolers out there running PT10 or 11 on Yosemite?

    Hey folks.. Hardware is on order and I am starting to second guess myself on loading Yosemite and PT 10 or 11 on the hack. Any folks running clean, stable PT on Yosemite? I have only built one hack before, so this will be my 2nd one.. Opinions on PT 10 or 11 on Yosemite? thanks -Brad
  18. brado32

    mATX MB with TB

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good MB with Thunderbolt for a new mATX build. the two MB's on the buyers guide dont have TB. thanks -Brad
  19. brado32

    Fanless, quite build

    Fanless, quiet build Hi guys, Really wanted to do my next build with a silent hack. I would like to keep the machine in the studio and not have to run long cables to keep the box outside. Has anyone built a silent hack for use in the control room of a recording studio or other silent...
  20. brado32

    ITX Mobo with Thunderbolt

    Hi all, I haven been able to locate a suitable ITX motherboard that has thunderbolt ports on it. Does one exist? thanks -Brad