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  1. mar22

    Update stuck

    Hi, im getting the same error and i cant find the Serial ports tab in the BIOS options. How might i adress that change alternatively?
  2. mar22

    Asus P8H61 i5 2500k booting El Capitan from HDD

    Hi everyone, I am posting this thread in order to get useful information regarding my problem and at the same time to contribute with info related to P8H61 mobo since i found that there isnt much talk on the internet for the particular motherboard. My setup: Asus P8H61 (Ver.4202), i5 2500k...
  3. mar22

    Which graphics card to choose from?

    Hi , Im running MacOSX Mavericks 10.9. Have to say everything works excelent except my old graphics card which is not supported at all. So i am buying a new card. I would want to choose a card who would provide me minimum problems with installation and compability. Heres the list what im...
  4. mar22

    Hackintosh and Nvidia 6600 problem? Not booting

    Hi and all best , I have an installed OsX 10.8.4 OS. I cannot boot into the OS normally ,even not with -v and other flag combinations. (-x -f -s etc.) Loading circle animation is taking too long and then it stops rotating. I have take pictures of my -v report ,and it seems like CPU managment...
  5. mar22

    Need help P8H61 ,i5 2500k BootCacheControl unable to open error

    Hi all and best regards to the comunity , I have decided to write a post after a 2 day constant and web search. In that period i understand the theory and logic of making an hackintosh work on a "PC" computer. I need help because im being stuck at the apple logo and cannot move...