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  1. Warmach1ne

    Cannot use double displays on HD 630

    I have my regular monitor connected, which works fine, on the VGA port of my motherboard (no GPU). However, when I try to plug in my second monitor on the HDMI port, the first one just goes dead, no matter what I do. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Warmach1ne

    [SOLVED] Sierra won't boot after installation

    After doing this, my machine was able to boot correctly. Thanks.
  3. Warmach1ne

    [SOLVED] Sierra won't boot after installation

    So, I installed OSX Sierra on my machine. Everything seemed to be working fine while installing. I was able to open Multibeast and install Clover on my HDD. But when I try to boot from my HDD, it doesn't. The progress bar gets filled about halfway through before rebooting the machine. Using...