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  1. jsfullr

    What the hell does this mean? (trying to install 10.13.4 beta 1)

    Attempting to update to the latest beta (10.13.4 beta 1) to test Vega graphics performance as I use the Frontier edition Vega Card. My machine has never had an issue updating to previous betas in the past but for some reason when I restart I get this strange error: macOS could not be installed...
  2. jsfullr

    Any help on 280x for hdmi audio?

    Hi all, I have a new R9 280x Sapphire Card and am running 10.9.4 via Clover. The card works OOB perfectly except I can't seem to enable HDMI audio, I've attempted to follow Toleda's HDMI Audio guide however I can't seem to get it working. Does anybody else have experience with getting this card...
  3. jsfullr

    iTunes 11 no video!!!!! =(

    Is anyone working on a fix for this, its very frustrating! Haswell CPU's can't play iTunes video content. Very annoyed that this was not mentioned in the buyers guide!
  4. jsfullr

    Sleep kernel panics?

    [Fixed] - Replaced my FakeSMC with an older version I found on the forums, then rebuilt cache and restarted. Sleep is working great now! Hi guys. Just upgraded to ML form Lion 10.7.4. The system was running flawlessly on Lion with everything working (bluetooth, HDMI, WiFi, Sleep, etc.) I...
  5. jsfullr

    4540s Ivy Bridge, Intel 4000 graphics

    So it looks like the next generation of ProBooks is out. The 4540s series with Ivy Bridge, and Intel 4000 graphics I just purchased a 4530s but am tempted to return and upgrade to the 4540s but I'm not sure about hackintosh compatibility. What do you guys think, will it be just as compatible...
  6. jsfullr

    [HELP] noob with i7 2670QM max pstate x26?

    Hi guys, I just bought a ProBook 4530s (model A7K05UT) and swapped the stock i3 CPU with an i7 2670QM. I did a clean install with unibeast and then used tegezee's 4.0 probook installer for fixes and DSDT/SSDT. I selected my i7 CPU in the installer but using HWmonitor the multiplier only goes up...
  7. jsfullr

    Whats the most powerful graphics card money can buy?

    Hey Guys, Looking to build another system and need a graphics card capable of supporting 2x 30" Cinema Displays. It needs to be really powerful (for 1080p video editing). Got any recommendations... pretend money is no object =) Thanks guys!
  8. jsfullr

    [SOLUTION] ATI HD 4670 doesn't seem to work with Chimera

    Using Chameleon v2.0-RC5 r501 my video card works flawlessly (ATI 4670 1GB, Device ID 0x9490). I gave Chimera a go (the latest build) and I get a black screen at boot. I can VNC into the mac and it works but the card is only recognized as a 4600 series in system profiler. I think its just not...