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  1. Suloo

    [Sierra] GTX 970 Multimonitor problem

    Hi there, i got an issue with my multimonitor set up. I do have 3 monitors attached. 1. Samsung via HDMI 2. Samsung via DisplayPort 3. BenQ Projector via DisplayPort (active DP to HDMI Adapter) I use the new method with the system parameter in the config.plist to load the NVIDIA webdriver...
  2. Suloo

    (SOLVED) VIA VT2021 | Clover and El Capitan issue

    Hey, what do i have to do to get my onboard sound working. I only see the Realtec guides but what about this via codec? I'm new to clover and formely got it working with Multibeast by using a VoodooHDA. How can this be achieved with the VIA codec? The device is seen in the system specs but...
  3. Suloo

    Clover | IGFX issue (HD 3000) only 7 MB (10.10.5)

    Hey, i did a fresh install of Yosemite on a SSD by using clover following this guide: It's my first time clover install. First i had an issue when booting from the drive, that the resolution...
  4. Suloo

    Librem: finally a Laptop to use?

    What do you guys think about this Laptop? I think since everything is open it should be possible to install OS X on it right? Would be great to have such a nice equipped Laptop to use. cheers:ugeek: