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  1. Richdem

    Big Sur Update - Lenovo M83SFF Question

    Hi All, This afternoon I had some time so I thought I would go through the Opencore tutorial and install a fresh version of Catalina. I completed this successfully with only a few issues that I fixed after googling them. I now have a fully operating Catalina 10.15.17 - The Opencore tutorial...
  2. Richdem

    Shutdown Delay after Installing 10.15.6

    Hi All, I just updated to 10.15.6 from 10.15.5 on my Lenovo M83 and I am now finding when I shutdown or restart it seems to hang for around a minute then eventually shutsdown. I updated the required Kexts and even tried with the previous versions. Prior to this everything worked well. I can...
  3. Richdem

    How to completely remove High Sierra & Clover Boot Menu

    Hi All, On my main machine I have Windows 10 installed on a Samsung EVO SSD & High Sierra installed on a 2nd Western Digital Drive. I no longer need the Mac OS as I built a dedicated Hackintosh running Catalina so I would like to remove the High Sierra partition from my WD drive as well as...
  4. Richdem

    Catalina 10.15.4 Update Shows Multiple "Install" Options - Which to Choose

    I am trying the update, when the OS restarts I get multiple "Install" options in Clover, which do I select: 1) Boot macOS Install Prebooter from Preboot 2) Boot macOS Install from Catalina - Data
  5. Richdem

    Nvidia GT1030 Replacement

    Hi All, I have High Sierra duel booting on My HP Elite 8300 (i7 3770) currently using a GT1030 Low profile is this is a SFF PC I wouldn't mind doing a re install with Catalina but I understand this card will not work, I know this PC has the Intel 4000 onboard graphics and I recently installed...
  6. Richdem

    Win 10 & High Sierra Dual Boot Question

    Hi All, I am a new Hackintosher and have done a few installs on old drives I have laying around so I am now fairly familiar with the process of getting MacOS up & running on my HP Elite 8300. I would like to dual boot off separate drives. Currently I have Win 10 Pro installed on a Samsung Evo...
  7. Richdem

    iMac Definition Won't Change

    Hi All, I just installed High Sierra on my HP Elite 8300 For the 1st attempt I used an old 128 GB drive I had laying around and everything went well. I then installed a newer 1TB drive and repeated the process. I wanted to see if I could repeat the steps successfully. Everything went as...
  8. Richdem

    High Sierra Will Not Install on HP Elite 8300

    I am trying my 1st Hackintosh build on my i7 3770 Elite 8300. I used the guide to prepare everything. When I boot from the USB installer after erasing the target hard drive and starting the install I get the first window saying 2 minutes remaining then the screen goes black and the PC reboots...