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  1. teitz

    constant system freezes

    hi guys, i have constant system freezes, especially using google chrome. but also without using chrome. i have a few system logs: Dec 7 12:32:27 *s-mac-pro kernel[0]: NVDA(OpenGL): Channel timeout! Dec 7 12:32:27 *s-mac-pro kernel[0]: NVDA: Unable to make context resident prior to start...
  2. teitz

    graphic bugs in maps/garageband

    hey everyone. i added a gt 640 to my system and since then i have graphic bugs in maps and garageband. just look at the attached file. you can see coloured pixels everywhere, garageband videos are the same... any solutions? thanks in advance
  3. teitz

    3 monitors / HDMI hot plug / LAN hot plug / Audio

    hey guys, i have a couple of questions. a few of them are already in this forum, but i concentrate them here now. my system: Core i7-4770K - GA-Z87N-WIFI - HD4600 (this is a pc from the buyers guide) -------------------------------------------------- Video: i have 3 displays. 1 monitor...
  4. teitz

    PC from Buyers Guide doesn't work need help

    hey guys, i just bought this pc: with intel i7 4770k without grafic card to get sure, it does work as desribed. i followed the steps from this guide 1:1...
  5. teitz

    system doesnt restart / boot after inst. combo update + mult

    hello, i use an intel i7-2600, asus p8h67-v and no pci-e graphics card (so its the onbard intel hd 2000) and an original 10.6 retail dvd. my problem is: - with iBoot 3.1.1 the mac osx installation starts, but while copying the files it crashes with a black screen -with iBoot legacy 2.7.2 the...