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  1. scunner

    HDMI Audio GA-Q77M-D2H

    Does anyone know what ssdt patch to use for this board? Using an Intel Core i5-3570K Quad-Core Processor 3.4 GHz 4 Core LGA 1155 - BX80637I53570K. I'm to assume the 3570K is Ivy... Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide] Part A1: OS X ACPI Edits (ssdt) Ivy Bridge (HD4000): ssdt_hdmi-hd4000
  2. scunner

    HDMI Audio Inserter

    I just tried this unit and it wouldn't work with my gigabyte GA-Q77M-D2H. I tried it with the hdmi and dvi outputs. I would get sound from optical or the phone jack inputs only if I unplugged the hdmi or dvi video feeds. worked great with the xbox hdmi... tried different cables to no avail...
  3. scunner

    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    I'm having trouble with the guide format. The trouble is, I don't know where to start... HDMI audio. Here's all I could figure out to provide you with problem reporting. I just need to be pushed in the right direction. I haven't played with this since 2012... 1. No Hdmi audio 2. El Capitan...
  4. scunner

    HansHugo's El Capitan Build - Core i5-3570K - GA-Q77M-D2H - 16GB RAM - MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti - 10.1

    Hans, Thanks for the post. Just wondering what method you used for hdmi audio. i tried the clover hdmi 120 and no go. also what bios version are you on? thx - mike
  5. scunner

    Working GA-Q77M DSDT with and without HD4000 HDMI Audio

    Fantastic! Thanks! Working great. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong. Gonna go over my steps and figure it out. Again thanks for the help! -mike
  6. scunner

    Working GA-Q77M DSDT with and without HD4000 HDMI Audio

    I used your hdmi dsdt on my q77m. i moved it the "extra" folder after patching and saving. i'm sure there's more to this, but am stuck as what else to do. I think our bios versions have to be the same in order for this to work. I tried compiling one myself earlier from the tutorial, but...