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  1. fwp

    Can't boot installation boot USB

    I can't seem to figure out how to do that from Clover. When I try to add that in Boot Args all is fine until I type the '_'. At that point it hangs and Ineed to force a reboot.
  2. fwp

    Can't boot installation boot USB

    I'm trying to install El Capitan onto my machine but I'm running into problems with the installer. I can boot to the boot loader (I think that's what it's called) and it get to the point of which device I want to boot from. I select the usb drive and it starts to boot. After a while it stops on...
  3. fwp

    [SOLVED] Can't find current multibeast for download

    I see my problem. It's a case of stupid on my part. I didn't scroll down past the initial download categories. My apologies to all for wasting your time.
  4. fwp

    [SOLVED] Can't find current multibeast for download

    Hmmm, after the post I noticed that Unibeast isn't in the download area either.
  5. fwp

    [SOLVED] Can't find current multibeast for download

    I'm about ready to finally upgrade to El Capitan and while I was doing my normal downloads (I always go with the latest and greatest.) and didn't see multibeast available for download. Has it been pulled? If not does anyone know where I can get it?
  6. fwp

    UniBeast can't make bootable thumbdrive for El Capitan.

    I tried a 16GB thumbdrive and it didn't help.
  7. fwp

    UniBeast can't make bootable thumbdrive for El Capitan.

    I've been using 8GB thumbdrives but can easily try a 16GB one.
  8. fwp

    UniBeast can't make bootable thumbdrive for El Capitan.

    This actually started with Yosemite. I'll download the either and that goes well but when I run Unibeast on it and I get the dreaded: There was an error creating your UniBeast drive. Couldn't mount install ESD I've downloaded Yosemite 30-40 times and it's never worked. The interesting part is...
  9. fwp

    After installing Yosemite can't boot from internal drive

    A week ago my internal boot disk failed and wouldn't boot and I couldn't fix it so I reinstalled Yosemite on a new drive. After a lot of fuss and bother I managed to get Yosemite installed and working. I even managed to complete a restore from timemachine!! That's when things started going wrong...
  10. fwp

    DVD Burning software

    Does anyone know of DVD burning software? I'm not really interested in copying disks or burning video but am looking to burn files, etc to DVDs and BluRay as needed.
  11. fwp

    How to Fix iMessage

    Sadly I still can't log into imessage. It worked for a long time and then one day (prior to the current update) I got a popup asking me to login again. I don't get a code to call apple with just a message that an error had occurred during activation and asked that I try again. Of course trying...
  12. fwp

    How to Fix iMessage

    @Johnny - I must have misread the post that discussed making sure that my SN was valid and registered with Apple as part of the recent changes made by Apple. I can't imagine that this is anything but related to a change made by Apple since iMessage has been working reliably for a very long time...
  13. fwp

    How to Fix iMessage

    @Kriss - I tried your suggestion and generated what Apple considers a valid SN and registered my hack. Still had no luck with getting iMessage to work. I opened a chat with Apple support and the person I chatted with had me open my keychain and remove every entry that referenced "ids", iMessage...
  14. fwp

    Did Apple "break" imessage again?

    Does anyone know if Apple did something with imessage again over the last couple of days? Things have been working fine as late as Friday and I didn't use my hack until yesterday evening and was prompted to login. I entered my password and got the message: "Could not sign in to iMessage an...
  15. fwp

    Can't get the esata ports working on my GA-Z77X-UD5H

    This isn't limited to Maverick but I'd like to get the esata port on the back of the machine working. Like a lot of other people here I upgraded from Mountain Lion to Maverick last night and after a bit of fussing I managed to boot into my upgraded hack and fell in love with the new multibeast...
  16. fwp

    No success with 10.8.5 ML using Z77X-UDH5 motherboard...

    While you can get VGA to work it's never going to work well. I did get it to get vga output to work when I first setup my hack. After a day of trying I got a DVI cable and went with it. Everything worked fine after that. I don't have the book for the Z77X-UD5H handy but you may want to give it a...
  17. fwp

    iTunes 11.1 Update Brings iTunes Radio and iOS 7 Support

    I tried to upgrade and the installation failed and now it won't recognize my iphone any more! Of course the only information I got from the installer was that worthless message that the installation failed. No further information. Anyone have an idea of how I can find out what exactly went wrong...
  18. fwp

    OS X 10.8.5 Update

    Article: OS X 10.8.5 Update I had the same problem. Afterwards I ran multibeast and the install of that failed as well. For some reason the entire process left the GraphicsEnabler=Yes when my video card needs it set to no. I booted into safe mode and changed the boot option via vi and was...
  19. fwp

    Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix

    Article: Chimera 2.0 Now Available with iMessage Login Fix Worked exactly the same for me! I forgot how much I missed iMessage!!
  20. fwp

    Step by Step Fix for iMessage - Requires Clover (Alternate Bootloader)

    What was the version of clover that worked for you?