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  1. minhi

    Gigabyte P55-UD4P + i7-860 + GTX 760

    Hil all, I’ve been a member here for a few years but have not messed around with my build the last few years. I was happily chugging along on this hardware build with Mt Lion the last 2 years. But i recently bought a new monitor that required an upgrade to get the native resolution so i had to...
  2. minhi

    Silent Radeon Options

    SO not sure how i missed these but has anyone been successful with any of the following silent radeon cards? Just checking again to see if there's been any feedback. First is the Powercolor 5750, the port layout looks very similiar to the BatMobile 5770
  3. minhi

    Dual Digital Output (NVIDIA)

    Hi all, i'm happy with my new hackintosh (thanks everyone for all the help), i'm currently using a 8400gs which i'm ok with but i'd really like to get two outputs so i need a second digital--either DVI or HDMI to DVI. Can some of the folks with the other NVIDIA cards like the GT240, GTX260...
  4. minhi

    Gigabyte Silent Cell 5770

    Any reports on this new gigabyte card? Saw it at the store today, from the packaging and pictures not sure if it's the same board as the bat-mobile 5770, looks to have only 1 DVI whereas the bat-mobile has two so i'm worried it won't work as well. Would appreciate any feedback. A silent...