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  1. Comewhatevermay

    boot0: doneaé after selecting USB-HDD

    Hi Guys, I've downloaded ML (twice now). As soon as the "Install ML" app appears, I leave it there, and run UniBeast, selecting my USB (MBR, 8Gb, 1 partition) as the destination. It takes a little while (Half hour or so) for Uni to finish, at which point, I restart, and select USB-HDD as...
  2. Comewhatevermay

    Problems with apps after vanilla install

    G'day guys, Had a working 10.7.2 install, which had ran more or less happily from the first SL DVD up to 7.2. Decided to go vanilla. upon going vanilla, now two programs, Plex, and Transmission (Both free downloads) malfunction. Plex opens, and runs the front end. However when i go into media...
  3. Comewhatevermay

    HDD No Longer Recognised

    G'day guys, This is the quick version of where I'm up to. - Upgraded from SL to 10.7.2 successfully. - Decided to format the lot and go for a vanilla 10.7.2 install. - Used Unibeast to achieve a working Vanilla install, just using the UserDSDT option. - Started copying my content back on to my...
  4. Comewhatevermay

    Finder Sidebar confused

    Hi guys, Originally when i built my hack i named my profile "ChrisW". Down the track i've since changed it to "Server" Since installing Lion, whenever i open a finder window, the sidebar flickers between the two names roughly every half second. It's almost like the "back end" wants to use the...
  5. Comewhatevermay

    <SOLVED> Chimera / UniBeast unresponsive

    G'day all, I've looked around the forums but I cant really see anything that will help. I've been following Tony's Uni Beast method to the T. When I reboot into the USB-HDD and Chimera comes up, I see both "USB", and "Hack Pro" which is my boot volume. the usb option seems to be selected (It's...
  6. Comewhatevermay

    Time Machine

    I'm Currently on 10.6.8. If I do a Clean Install and upon first boot i get asked to restore from time machine, will that let me bring all of the stuff i want across? Even though the hack will have a newer OS? I know i'll have to re-multibeast to get full functionality, its mainly just my apps...
  7. Comewhatevermay

    "Authentic Install on Lion"

    Silly question, Why can't we just install via the app store? IE no xMove etc. I'm sure there's a probably a really good reason, but yeah if someone could explain it, it would probably help me deal with the headache i'm currently getting. Cheers, Chris
  8. Comewhatevermay

    <SOLVED> Possibly a really dumb Chimera Question

    Hi guys, Installed latest Chimera on my journey to 10.7, but i'm bogged down at the "reboot and select installer" bit. I don't even get the installer drive showing up. Aside from that, Chimera seems unresponsive to KB input. It won't respond regardless of what buttons i hit. Any ideas? I...
  9. Comewhatevermay

    No Second Partition

    hi guys, Followed the xmove+multibeast install method to the T. However, after successfully running xmove, i reboot, but "installer" doesn't show in Chimera. Any ideas? Cheers Chris
  10. Comewhatevermay

    D-link DBT-122

    Hi everyone, Purchased a DBT-122 online to marry up with my magic trackpad. Ever since i've plugged it in, my hack freezes after around 10 minutes. Is there a kext to get it working properly? Or maybe a way to flash it back to a dbt-120 (which is apparently sweet oob) Any suggestions or ideas...
  11. Comewhatevermay

    GTS450 HDMI Audio

    Hi guys, Unfortunately im not currently in a position to test this myself, so hopefully you can help. Just wondering if the HDMI out's on the GTS450 pass the audio through, or if they are video only? Thanks again Chris
  12. Comewhatevermay

    Boot up over LAN

    G'day everyone, What I want to achieve is the ability to boot up my hack without having to go down to the garage (It's a decked out music room :P ). Not massive on the wake on lan idea, but worst case ill take it. I read that remote desktop can start a mac, but it needs "Lights-out...
  13. Comewhatevermay

    <SOLVED> App Store / itunes Wierdness (Handy tip in replies)

    G'day everyone. I've built a Hack Pro, running all of the current updates and almost no 3rd party software. However when I try to log in to the app store i get: "No GUID is available. Contact Support for assistance." When i try and authorise my computer through iTunes (only the second on my...
  14. Comewhatevermay

    iPhone Users Beware, Alarm not working

    Hey guys thought it give you heads up, alot of people are complaining that as of 01/01/11 the built in alarm app isn't working. I've got an iphone 4 and the mrs has my old 3g and they're both playing up. go here for more info. ... ?t=1608757 Cheers cw
  15. Comewhatevermay

    (SOLVED!) P55A-UD3 Bios Update

    hi all, Just wondering how i go about updating my bios from f9 to f11. I have the f11 update downloaded to my macbook, and burned to a cd, but how to get it all happening with the q-flash utility? Cheers cw
  16. Comewhatevermay

    Video Out

    g'day guys, Long story short the new house will have a Clipsal "starserve" TV Splitter in it (1 in, 6 out), their pretty good. Handy thing is it also has a Modulated input designed for you to put a dvd player or cameras or whatever on to. What I want to do via a Modulator is have output from...
  17. Comewhatevermay

    (SOLVED!) On Board Ethernet

    Hi guys, Just wondering if on board ethernet works with the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 running 10.6.4. I get the following in system profiler. Built in Serial Port (1): Type: PPP (PPPSerial) Hardware: Modem BSD Device Name: Serial 1 IPv4...
  18. Comewhatevermay

    Enable GeForce GTS 450

    G'day guys, got a two day old Hack as follows: i5 760 GA-P55A-UD3 Board Gigabyte GeForce GTS 450 Graphics 1TB WD Caviar Black HDD 8Gb RAM Old ASUS monitor using the supplied DVI to VGA adapter OS X 10.6.4 Thus far, I can only get my screen to 1024x768 and i get the following in system...