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  1. Muiterz

    How to store clover log file

    I can debug clover with debug=0x100 but I get a kernel panic which is several pages long. I cannot read the beginnen of the error. There should be a stored log file in misc folder but I cannot find the file :( How come?
  2. Muiterz

    Cannot upgrade to 10.13.4

    I try to update my setup to 10.13.4. I downloaded the combo update. Setup: x99 6800k. r290. I cannot upgrade from the install partition, the system resets before I see the login window. Everything seems to be ok in the verbose window
  3. Muiterz

    6 monitor setup possible with 4k?

    I want to create a 6 monitor setup. (I allready have a 5 monitor setup) I want to use my R290 for the 24 inch 1920-1200, 4k, 24inch 1920-1200 setup. a second gpu for 19 inch, 24 inch, 19 inch. Will this work? Especially the 4k monitor? I read that I need an DP cable to get 4k 60 hz.
  4. Muiterz

    X99 6800k dual gpu possible high sierra?

    I have a x99 motherboard with a 6800k and a R290 radeon gpu which is connected to 3 monitors. I want to connect a second gpu because of my 5/6 monitor setup. I can't get this working :( 8800GT Nvidia: can boot only without cables. 7950 ati: can't boot at all. with injection and so. 5770 ati...
  5. Muiterz

    280x or 7970 triple monitor working?

    I have a hackintosh with 5 monitors. I have a 6850 which connects to 3 monitors and a HD4000 which connects to 2 monitors. I want to upgrade the 6850 to a 280x or 7970 (if 280x is not possible). Is is possible to run triple monitor on a 280x? I want to use the HDMI, DVI and Displayport...
  6. Muiterz

    Which Q77 board with DP/DVI/HDMI for 10.8.2

    Hi, I wanna upgrade to the Chaintech GA-Q77M-D2H. A Q77 chipset. I want this chipset because of the VT-D virtualisation possibilitys and the vPro and so. I also want Dp/DVI/HDMI onboard output. So the only board is the chaintech GA-Q77M-D2H. I will use the I7 3770 processor. (not k!) and...