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  1. flapjack

    BCM943224PCIEBT2 adapter advice?

    I am making new hackintosh. For Wifi & BT are they comptable?
  2. flapjack

    Which adapter for BCM94360CS2?

    Hi, i am making a new hackintosh. I want to buy BCM94360CS2 card. I can’t understand which adapter is right for me? My mainboard is Gigabyte GA-A320M-H. Thank you...
  3. flapjack

    I need cheap motherboard for i3 8100 cpu

    I need cheap motherboard for i3 8100 cpu. I need hdmi port. thank you...
  4. flapjack

    SSD or M2 SSD?

    I want to make a new hackintosh. I am not sure can i buy ssd or m2 ssd. if i buy m2 ssd i must buy more expensive motherboard. is it necessary? can i feel the speed difference with ssd or m2 ssd?
  5. flapjack

    Compatible with hackintosh G-Skill F4-2666C19D-16GNT?

    i want to buy this rams. is it compatible with hackintosh?
  6. flapjack

    Which is the cheapest mainboard for Coffee Lake?

    I want to make A new hackintosh with i3 8100 cpu and ddr4 ram. Can you recommend A cheapest mainboard for this System? Thank you very much.