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  1. shtepan

    Z77-DS3H rev 1.1 - Update 10.10.4 - Freeze

    On rev1.0 everything works fine with 10.10.4 except USB3.0 so far. I installed over Mavericks and tweak a lot with /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist Do You have this line there? It enables internal graphic processor. <key>IGPEnabler</key> <string>Yes</string> I ended with this ->
  2. shtepan

    Stuck! - GA Z77-DS3H Rev 1.1, F9

    If You use VGA output when installing, there should be GraphicsEnabler=No, otherway it freezes, because it is the end of boot, and there is no native support for acceleration from HD4000 for VGA. Becuase no Mac has VGA output. There are some ways to get it work, but it would not be easy...
  3. shtepan

    Official HD 4000 Support

    Try the 17th page in this thread, I'm going to try it after I get home in next 2 hours. Hold the thumbs! EDIT: OK, DVI monitor 1920x1080 works without problem, now I want to get VGA port (and monitor) working with it too. Can you please write for me how should I edit...
  4. shtepan

    Stuck! - GA Z77-DS3H Rev 1.1, F9

    Hello, I am in OS X with "-x" option before MultiBeast. SSD Samsung 840 Series 250GB i5-3570K Z77 - DS3H -> F9 UEFI/BIOS, rev1.0 -> set to optimized defaults and switched to AHCI (PC has also been overclocked to 4,2GHz and tested for stability under Win7, this setting is saved in UEFI/BIOS...
  5. shtepan

    10.8.3 stuck on booting from SSD on GA-Z77-DS3H, i5-3570K

    Hi there, need your help! I have made Unibeast installation USB key on 10.6.8 MacPro succesfully. Then I was able to boot up from USBkey on PC, also installed MountainLion on SSD and then when trying to bootu from the SSD, it's possible only in safe mode. -v (verbose mode end with): ... ...