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  1. rilopes

    Upgrading HTPC. What's the best upgrade options ? Tight budget...

    Greetings! Looking for best options to upgrade (or update) my old signature HTPC. Multi-boot Win7, Win10 & High Sierra. Hi-Res music, multi-channel HD movies (eventually 4K) and some audio and video edition. Thnks in advance!
  2. rilopes

    Help - Radeon RX580 & black screen

    Upgraded rig w/ Gigabyte RX580 Gaming 8GB and High Sierra 10.13.6 fresh install from Unibeast/Clover USB stick, on HDMI Intel HD4000. Boot w/ Intel video using "injectIntel" and installed all kexts. Then I dropped RX580 and...I just see black screen after Clover boot ! Tried almost all tricks...
  3. rilopes

    No bluetooth after system power down

    Something`s driving me mad: Apples`s trackpad and keyboard working like a charm, BUT ... They are just recognized by ML 10.8.2 after booting Win7 first. If I turn on system right on MAC they don't work. ML and Win7 are set to the same keys. What am I missing here ??? Thank you !
  4. rilopes

    [SOLVED] How to get multi-channel on digital optical output ???

    Hi, mates ! Trying to watch BD`s on my HT, but can`t get 5.1 audio from digital optical output. The system is on sig below. Thank you ! Oh, running ML 10.8.2, installed from Unibeast, drivers from Multibeast.