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  1. jml401

    SOLVED -> OC 0.6.5/Big Sir on GA Z370M-DS3H

    Do you have Fast Boot enabled in the BIOS? If so, turn that off and that should fix your issue with the OC menu showing on cold boots only.
  2. jml401

    GA-Z87N-WIFI Maverick monitors issue

    I know this may sound ridiculous, but have you tried powering off the monitor and then turning it back on? On my z87n-wifi, my monitor craps out when the power saving function comes on and the only way I can get it back after I return (with the exception of a hard reset) is to simply power...
  3. jml401

    HD4600 no youtube video hardware decoding.

    I had the same problem - i.e. flash having only software decoding with HD 4600. I was using the iMac14,2 SMBIOS and decided to change it to iMac14,1 SMBIOS after reading around that the VDA decoding is dependent upon the system definition. Now I have full hardware decoding with flash videos...
  4. jml401

    GA-Z87N-WIFI Maverick shutdown issue

    This can occur if the Wake On LAN option is enabled in your bios. Set the Wake on LAN to disabled and see if that helps...
  5. jml401

    November CustoMac Deluxe Freezing on 10.9.2 - Z87N-WiFi, i5-4670K @3.4, 16gb Ram, GTX 760

    try using MacPro3,1 SMBIOS instead of the MacMini and report back. I have this same system setup and do not have any problems with crashing, freezing, etc..., and I'm overclocked @ 4.3 EDIT: I also see you are using the SSDT for Sandy Bridge i5 - you have a Haswell 4670k processor. This...
  6. jml401

    High Fan speeds

    BTW - The new version of HWMonitor supports manual fan control. You have to specify the thresholds and speeds and it actually works really well!! Check it out at for the latest HWMonitor app v6.1.1188. *Also - install the 6.0.1134 version of the FakeSMC plugins as...