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  1. rynotheking14

    goggenb's HackPro build: Core i7-3770k - GA-Z77X-UD5H - 16GB RAM - GTX680

    any issues with sleep mode? like when you wake the computer do you get lag? or when you wake from sleep mode do you get your usb drives ejected? if you don't suffer any of these could you post your BIOS settings so that I can solve these issues? thanks rynotheking14
  2. rynotheking14

    mbar97's newest build - i7-3770k/GTX670/Z77X-UD5H (10.8.2)

    Why should i always boot with verbose? and do you have problems with lag after waking from sleep or your usb ports ejecting themselves upon waking from sleep? if your not getting any of these issues, would you mind posting your bios images just so i can use those settings for my build? please...
  3. rynotheking14

    98% SUCCESS - 10.8.2 - i5-3570K - 16 GB RAM - GTX 680 2GB

    98% SUCCESS HELP! - 10.8.2 - i5-3570K - 16 GB RAM - GTX 680 2GB rynotheking14's Ultimate Hackintosh ML + W7 DualBooter i5-3570K - 16 GB RAM - GTX 680 2GB - Working WiFi Components Intel i5-3570K http://www.memoryexp...roducts/MX39008 Corsair Vengeance LP 16GB DDR3 1600MHz CL10 Dual Channel...