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  1. axedye

    nVidia GTX 960 4GB compatible?

    Solidworks plays better with FirePro and Quadro graphics cards from my experience. Either way you'll want to dual boot that system I wouldn't use parallels for that. Start with the 960 to save money and consider having a separate windows system down the line with a professional graphics card.
  2. axedye

    First Build :D

    I recommend a 4790k since you are getting the 980ti. The the C broadwell CPUs are clocked lower and only benefit from a better integrated graphics processor inside something you don't need. The higher clock of the 4790k will be better for Final Cut Pro.
  3. axedye

    GTX 970 or R9 390

    EVGA and Sapphire are the most dependable brands in general for GPU's. I would take a look at the buyers guide next time, there's always a link on the home page, go with nVidia also they list EVGA in the buyers guide. If you want to use other parts not on the buyers guide I highly recommend you...
  4. axedye

    GTX 980ti

    any success if Yosemite? My hack is in a coolermaster HAF mini itx case. It will have a 980ti as well as Intel Core i7-4790K and GIGABYTE GA-Z97N-WIFI One. Ill be using a samsung evo SSD and a separate 4 TB drive for DAW and NLE session files. I'll be running Pro Tools 12.x and Avid Media...
  5. axedye

    Haswell Snow Leopard

    Yup everyone was fine. It was a rough time, a lot of family issues. My uncle started the fire, just a lot of drama. No one got hurt though. If the new Mac Pro uses Ivy Bridge E or any version of LGA 2011 chips I may even go that route. I'm also hoping a ivy bridge e or haswell board by gigabyte...
  6. axedye

    Haswell Snow Leopard

    My existing build burned in a fire so I have to start from scratch.
  7. axedye

    Haswell Snow Leopard

    Thanks. Do you know if I'll be able to use all of my USB 3.0 ports?
  8. axedye

    Haswell Snow Leopard

    Mavericks will be out by the time my build is complete so that's most likely the OS I'll update to. I'll be going with the z87x-ud3h and an i7 4770k. Hopefully internal GPU is fine with audio recording and editing, I expect it to be fine I don't run anything to intense.
  9. axedye

    Haswell Snow Leopard

  10. axedye

    Haswell Snow Leopard

    Is it possible to get 10.6.8 installed onto a Haswell build to access the App Store? If not will it ever be?
  11. axedye

    Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard DVD Available Again Online for $19.99

    glad to see this. i still have my disc but i know not everyone starts their hack with a real mac ready to get ML.
  12. axedye

    Building for Pro Tools HD PCI a must

    H77-DS3H Gigabyte Motherboard iStarUSA Server Chassis Replace all fans with Noctua, id say you only need 3-4 . This power supply should be fairly quiet by Seasonic...
  13. axedye

    [SUCCESS] GA-Z68X-UD4 + i7-2600k + XFX6870 Dual Fan

    great thread, I am going to buy an additional 1TB HDD to install ML on. I use Snow for recording, once i get Mountain Lion working 100% to my liking, I will use the Snow drive as a 2nd drive.
  14. axedye

    From start to finish...

  15. axedye

    From start to finish...

    if i download mountain lion won't it prepare my system for the update, at least thats what I thought, I was just worried that would give me a KP.
  16. axedye

    From start to finish...

    My main question is say I am starting from scratch. I am building a Mini ITX build in the BitFenix Prodigy case, pretty similar to the recommended build with a few differences. Pretty much though I am using the same motherboard and using the 3770 cpu. My Q isn't hardware related, it's basically...
  17. axedye

    os x lion

    yeah they definitely removed it to new buyers. which means when 10.9 comes out, unless you already own ML you wont be able to get it.
  18. axedye

    os x lion

    is it still in the app store?
  19. axedye

    EVGA teases its Z77 mini-ITX motherboard

    I hope it has thunderbolt. Would be really coo.
  20. axedye

    Gigabyte's Thunderbolt Motherboards Live - Available Soon

    I was on the new egg app and on my phone. I've also been up for 24 hours lol I can't wait to see how builds work out. I hope Thunderbolt works on ML.