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  1. llllooollll

    Z87X-UD5H Screen resolution/iMessage problems

    hi wildwillow, as you can see in my signature/profile, i have a very similar build to yours. right now i installed mavericks on my build the third time, cause for me multi beast is messing things a little bit up. so when i make a clean install from usb, setting up ist pretty much like setting...
  2. llllooollll

    UniBeast: Install OS X Mavericks on Any Supported Intel-based PC

    I THINK I DREAM DIFFERENT. gb z87x ud5h with i7 4770k. installed mavericks – works perfectly. i thought i was setting up a real mac... using my apple id worked perfect during setup. imported all my bookmarks without any issues into safari. usb works like a chime. sound via apple tv perfekt. wifi...
  3. llllooollll

    Updated 2013-08-16: MacMan's Haswell Test Build: Core i7-4770K + GA-Z87X-UD5H

    hi, i also got a gb z87x ud5h with i7 4770k. currently using internal graphics before i install a gb gtx 770 windforce. my bios is currently on f4 and i am only able to boot with -x otherwise i will get stuck with grey screen and apple logo. but when i start with -x most things work fine except...
  4. llllooollll

    HaswellHelper: Enhanced 10.8.4 Kernel Now Available

    Article: HaswellHelper: Enhanced 10.8.4 Kernel Now Available oh please let me know. i am also planning a config like this. :clap: