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  1. MusicToMan

    Interesting RC5 ATI Experimental Results - HD 5770

    Does this not make it use 32 bit kernel ?
  2. MusicToMan

    2 x XFX HD 5870's or 2 x GTX 460's

    I would go for the 2 x 5870, you would have a stable setup with NO FREEZES. I own a 5850 and a GTX 460 and my GTX 460 freezes once a day now, not a good idea to go with nvidia fermi at the moment see the forum for details
  3. MusicToMan

    Simple NVIDIA 4xx Install Procedure

    Before you buy an nvidia gtx460 you should have a look at the forum with the freeze problem we have right now with the nvidia fermi cards see here viewtopic.php?f=15&t=8015&start=350 Personnaly mine does not freeze very much (only freezes with one citrix app after a while), but some others are...
  4. MusicToMan

    OSX freeze after installing official nVidia Fermi drivers

    I have a gigabyte x58a-ud5 and an evga gtx460 (this one ... 6814130565), I have nearly no freezes, it only froze when I used Citrix online web client. The system has been up for many days now and it just works, I did not have to do anything to it, so I...
  5. MusicToMan

    Simple NVIDIA 4xx Install Procedure

    Has anyone tried to run the nvidia update on top of OSX 10.6.6 ? Can you share your experience ?