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  1. manolo2001

    MSI Z97 G45 Gaming w/ E2205

    Hi, First thing, just a big thanks to everyone here who has made installing Monterey possible, and the support I have received is awesome. Quick intro, I had been trying to install Monterey on a Supermicro X10SAE motherboard but it would just not happen, I decided to change it and bought an...
  2. manolo2001

    Help Installing Monterey

    Hi, I'm in need of some help. I have for some time now been trying to install Monterey in a setup I have. Supermicro X10SAE motherboard, it`s a C226 chipset i7-5775C CPU AMD WX Pro 4100 GPU SMBIOS iMac 16,2 I have followed the guide and managed to map every USB port, (both USB 2 and 3), they...
  3. manolo2001

    Help going to OC 0.7.8

    Hi, I am trying to keep my OC up to date, I currently have 0.6.7 working fine, but as updates keep coming I thought it would be good to update it. Anyway, I have followed the updating OC guide and can't get it to work. It stops booting at: [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START] I have checked both config...
  4. manolo2001

    Can't Download Monterey

    Hi, I am trying to download Monterey but it gives me an error every time the download reaches about 1Gb. Installation Failed, An error occurred while installing the selected updates. That is all it says, anyone have any ideas on what the error could be ?? And of course how to fix it ?? Thanks...
  5. manolo2001

    Remove Boot Entry From OpenCore Menu

    I have a couple of boot entries that either donot work or are mislabeled, how can I eliminate them from the menu ?? I know how to add entries, and have made them for my windows drive ad for the linux drive, and work OK, but how can I clean up the menu and leave just what I need and want...
  6. manolo2001

    OS 11.4 Help

    After having heaps of trouble with 11.3 on updates, and having solved most of them, I decided to update to 11.4 to find that my hackintosh crashed once more. As of yesterday I had to reinstall using 11.2.3 decided to use OC 0.7.0. That install works really well and is very stable...
  7. manolo2001

    PCI-E SATA Card

    I'm looking for a Pci-e Sata card with 4-6 ports, I have been looking around the site, but all links I have found are not working or old. Any recommendations that will work with Big Sur ?? Thanks Manuel
  8. manolo2001

    Boot Problems, and Dual Boot Problems and Constant Freezing

    Hi, My system was working really well up to the last two updates, both of which basically broke my system, with bad consequences. My USB ports were not working properly, it would drop or not recognize certain hard drives. At some point it crashed really bad and somehow two hard drives became...
  9. manolo2001

    USB Mapping

    Hi, I just updated to the latest version of Big Sur, but now some of my USB ports are not working. I read that these need to be napped in order not to face these issues. Can someone please guide me through the process of mapping the ports ? Thanks, Manuel
  10. manolo2001

    OC 0.6.6 OpenCanopy

    I am using OC 0.6.6, and it's generally working fine except for the fact that I just can't get opencanopy to give me a reasonable resolution. As you can see in the attached photo it's just huge and I have tried a lot of setting, but it just won't take a higher resolution and show all the boot...
  11. manolo2001

    Install Problems

    Hi, I am trying to install Big Sur on the following system: X10SAE Supermicro MB i7-5775C CPU AMD RX580 8Gb GPU 32 Gb Ram Kingston - KVR1333D3N9/8G x4 SSD 500Gb SK-Hynix I am using OC 0.6.6, this is a new install. I am using SMBIOS iMac15,1 but I should be using iMac16,2 I have tried...
  12. manolo2001

    Z97x Gaming 7

    I am not sure if this is the right location for this post, but yesterday my motherboard died. It's a Ga z97x Gaming 7. I think the BIOS is corrupt, actually both BIOS, as it has a small switch for secondary BIOS. in either position it boots to a black screen with a blinking dash. It give an...
  13. manolo2001

    Open Core GUI Graphics Problems

    I have a working 0.6.4 Big Sur install, but I am trying to get the boot selector GUI to work properly. It works, but I have not been able to get the display resolution to work properly. I have an rx580 and need to have my cpu's gpu disabled, otherwise no boot. There are various settings in...
  14. manolo2001

    Big Sur Finder Problems

    Apparently at some random moment finder will reset and all the changes I made in preferences will disappear, and I'm not able to reselect them. Finder settings will not work. I am having to force quit / relaunch finder every time this happens in order for it to work properly. It is a minor...
  15. manolo2001

    Will Apple Silicon Big Sur Build Number Be The Same as Our Intel Systems?

    I have a question, the "build" or version of Big Sur that is now running in our x86 processors will be the same as the one running or that will run in M1 chips ?? or will that be a different build, version or compilation ?? I understand that Rosetta will run apps on Big Sur that are not...
  16. manolo2001

    Do I Need to Leave the Beta Program to Download Big Sur Release Version?

    Do I need to leave the Beta program ?? 12.2 GB download. Is this just like another update if I have RC 2 ?? Or should I wait or do something specific to upgrade ?? says an error ocurrred while installing the selected updates Could it be that I'm behind a firewall, adblocker etc ?? Will not...
  17. manolo2001

    [Success] Big Sur Public Installation

    Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the guide, just went from clover to OC and it works beautifully. Boot times are impressive, and everything is very stable. Created the OC USB boot pendrive, one difference is that I included Clover Configurator to mount EFI after install. But mounting the EFI...
  18. manolo2001

    Radeon RX560 4G

    I have the following setup: Gigabyte Z97x-Gaming7 i7-4790s 32 GB ram RX560 4GB - ASUS ROG Strix RX 560 4GB Two monitors, Dell 2711b, and a Samsung 23 SyncMaster Both monitors used to work fine on 1440p I just changed my GPU from an Nvidia to an AMD RX5604G, but now only DVI works, I have not...
  19. manolo2001

    Catalina Merge Drives

    Hi, is there any way to merge multiple physical hard drives into one logical volume in Catalina ?? I can do this in Linux, and remember it could be done before in Mac OSX, but have not been able to find a way to do it with Catalina. Thanks Manuel
  20. manolo2001

    OC 0.6.2 Boots But Big Sur Beta Will Not Install

    I have done this 4 times now, starting from scratch, I create the Bootable USB drive, set OC settings for the rig I'm testing on, Ivy Bridge. USB boots fine, I format the target drive, and select install OS, and nothing happens. What I am I missing or doing wrong ?? I press continue after...