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  1. notation84

    650TI on Snow Leopard

    Any way for the 600 NVIDIA or 7000 ATI series to work on snow leopard? If not, will there ever be a way or is it a lost cause? My friend bought at 650TI and we have our studio work all on the snow leopard drive, pretty reluctant to switch to mountain lion just yet. (rosetta plugins for audio...
  2. notation84

    ASUS K53E (Success)

    Hey everybody! I was spitting out issues 2 weeks ago with this laptop (which I had hackintoshed with Lion for a year already), and since then have worked out the kinks. Being 5 months out already, I figured it was time to nuke the hard drive, and start over with windows 8 and mountain lion...
  3. notation84

    Elan Trackpad Multitouch

    Hello! Anyone out there got their Elan (elantech) trackpads to get multitouch working??? (most importantly the good old two-finger scrolling) Some of us found an appleps2controller.kext and the other one that gets it working as a mouse, but with single finger functions and not recognized as a...
  4. notation84

    Does Radeon 6770 Desktop Card Work?

    Does this card work either out of the box or with GE=YES on chimera??? can't seem to find it in there when googling ati.c Wanna know before I plunge into this card.
  5. notation84

    ATI HD 5570

    Is there another way besides netkas' aty_init.kext 32-bit-only injection (didn't work for me after several tries) to get QE to work? I've been sitting on this hackintosh without graphics for 2 months now and I can't seem to get it to work.... :beachball: :banghead: I'm asking SPECIFICALLY...