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  1. sputnik13

    Asrock Vega 56

    has anyone had success with the ASRock Phantom Gaming X Radeon Vega 56 (the reference style board) on Mojave? I'm just wondering whether this card works without whatevergreen. I have an RX580 that requires whatevergreen, and a Vega 64 that works with no additional mods. Looking to replace the...
  2. sputnik13

    200 more Stream processors??????

    Of course there's a difference. Look up benchmarks for the two models and compare yourself. Whether you care is up to your specific needs.
  3. sputnik13

    Anyone try a fibre channel HBA?

    Wanting to get fibre channel but unsure of making the investment without knowing if it'll work with OSX on a hackintosh or not... Please no responses saying "why do you need fibre channel it's expensive" or "use iscsi instead"... Has anyone successfully or know someone that has successfully...