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  1. sandflee

    xps 15 9550 10.12.2 - instant wake after sleep

    I am using darkhandz's clover and acpi patches (attached). My laptop wakes up instantly after it goes to sleep. Can someone help?
  2. sandflee

    XPS 15 9550 10.12.2 - boot usb not detected after successful boot

    I have a weird problem with a usb thumb drive not getting detected after successful boot/login to my latest Sierra OS. When I take the usb drive out and in, it is NOT getting recognized. However, if I put a different USB drive to the same USB port, it works. Then, I can put the original USB...
  3. sandflee

    XPS 15 9550 HDMI output not working 10.12.2

    Anyone get their HDMI output working? My HDMI output worked on 10.11.6 following the fix suggested by Not working on 10.12.2...
  4. sandflee

    XPS15 9550 with i7, HD530, Toshiba 1T

    I was able to get my laptop working on Sierra with the Clover provided by darkhanz: Try the latest 12-7 except first couple of lines of the config.plist. For my laptop, I had to make minor changes: - To get my USB drive to work, had to add 15 port...
  5. sandflee

    GA-Z77X-UP5 TH and i7 3770K working on El Capitan

    Installed El Capitan over the weekend. No real issue using Clover v3280. See the attached Clover configuration to function - built-in Intel HD 4000 - audio Reltek 898 - trim enabler Have fun!
  6. sandflee

    Intel AC 3160

    Has anyone got this wirelss+bt working yet?
  7. sandflee

    Gigabyte Brix i7 - GB-BXi7-5500 works on 10.10.3

    After playing it around for a bit, I finally got it to work, and I am typing this post on the GB-BXi7-5500 works on 10.10.3. What's working - Boot using Clover r3202 and FakeSMC - HD Graphics by specifying ig-platform-id 0x16160002 - Had "Underscan" from the Display Preference because...
  8. sandflee

    [Success] Asus P8P67 Deluxe + i7 2600K Running Mount Lion

    [Success] Asus P8P67 Deluxe + i7 2600K Running 10.8 ML After several hours, I finally got my Asus P8P67 Deluxe up and running with Mountain Lion OS. I followed TooSixy's P8Z68 guide...