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  1. Hans1199

    11.2 OC 0.6.6 Intel Wifi not working

    Hello, I updated my OS from Catalina to BigSur. The process went smooth but I do not have Wifi since then. Everything else works fine. The AirportItlwm was changed to 1.2.0 BigSur. In the OC log the kext is injected successfully, but the system says the kext is not loaded. I am pretty clueless...
  2. Hans1199

    BCM20702A0 not working

    Today I updated from Catalina to Big Sur with Open Core 0.6.6. Under Catalina everything worked well. Now I have no Wifi and Bluetooth. I have the BCM20702A0 installed and use Intel Wifi and Bluetooth kexts, as well as BCM bluetooth kexts. This setup worked fine until the update. Any...
  3. Hans1199

    ASUS Expedition RX 570 8GB with Gigabyte z170n wifi

    After two and a half years I decided to finally update my Hackintosh to MacOS Catalina and replace my GTX 960 with a RX 570 as it works OOB. The update went smooth and I was able to uninstall the Nvidia drivers and change the cards. I activated DeInit an thought it would work but every time I...
  4. Hans1199

    Dual Boot with separate drives - hide windows drive in OS X

    Hey guys, is there a method to permanently hide the windows drive in OS X? I got an Skylake GA Z170N-Wifi with i3 6100 and 2 sata drives using clover as boot loader. Dual boot with windows is working fine for me but I did not find any solution for this problem so maybe someone here can help me.