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  1. nivv

    Argument 'kext-dev-mode=1' not found (Apple HDA1150.kext wont load)!

    I wonder this as well. Running below doesn't seem to matter: sudo nvram boot-args="kext-dev-mode=1"
  2. nivv

    OS X won't start without uni/multibeast USB? Here's the solution!

    This helped me! Works to boot from the HDD now, so now I can skip using the USB for booting. One thing that was confusing me was the rdisk commands, they should have the same disk number as when using the disk commands. So if you're on /dev/disk0s1 the rdisk counterpart should be /dev/rdisk0s1
  3. nivv

    No option to restore system [Yosemite]

    Actually I'm using a USB3 port, seems silly if that's an issue. However I'm not using Clover, the Yosemite USB install stick is made with Unibeast.
  4. nivv

    No option to restore system [Yosemite]

    I made a new install USB but this time with Mavericks on it. Now the option is there again. So if you want to be able to recover from the USB be sure to have Mavericks on it. Yosemite installer doesn't have the option on hackintoshes.
  5. nivv

    No option to restore system [Yosemite]

    No I haven't, but I also have a USB TimeMachine attached, just in case the ethernet wasn't working. Also CMD+R during boot does nothing.
  6. nivv

    No option to restore system [Yosemite]

    Problem is that when I start the installer from my USB-drive the option "Restore from a Time Machine Backup" is not present. I want to be sure that this feature works before I start to fiddle more with my install. I currently have a TimeMachine backup both on my server and on a USB-HDD which is...
  7. nivv

    Multibeast 6.4.1: AppleIntelE1000e.kext v3.1.0 bug and fix

    Thank you so much for this! No more messages in the log. And my TimeMachine Backup is going 10x faster. Here's my course of action: Install AppleIntelE100e v3.1.0 with Multibeast Go into /System/Library/Extensions Move AppleIntelE1000e.kext to...
  8. nivv

    Ethernet Freezes

    What does the log say in the app "System messages"? Many people get this message a couple of times before ethernet freezes: 2014-06-22 08:56:54,000 kernel[0]: failed to getphysicalsegment in outputPacket. I'm also on Z87 and I get the above message, although I have an Intel NIC. Try some...
  9. nivv

    Ethernet doesn't work on ASUS z87-k

    As for the booting problem. I followed this guide to get it working:
  10. nivv

    Is this forum backwards?

    I see, that's good to know! Although, I assume google can't make this decision which makes the search results from google almost unusable. I think the default should be [Newest post on last page] so that google results actually points to the correct page of the post.
  11. nivv

    Is this forum backwards?

    First, let me start by giving a big thanks to everyone involved with this project, I truly appreciate it. Now to my question: Why is it that this forum sorts all the posts in reverse? On every other forum the latest post is on the last page. On this forum the last post is on page 1. Is there a...