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  1. mjgunn

    Yosemite Install not waking on wireless network access

    When I try to access my computer from my apple tv or the iOS remote app the computer will not wake. Everything else sleep seems to work correctly, it wakes on bluetooth, power button, etc, instantly and functions fine. 10.10 install with unibeast/multibeast. P8P67 Pro 3.0, i5, ati 6870...
  2. mjgunn

    System crash after 10.9.4 install

    Installed 10.9.4, I can boot in safe mode, but attempting to boot in regular gives me this error I used multibeast to install my audio (alc892) and trim support and updated chimera, no luck.
  3. mjgunn

    P8P67 Pro - Audio popping after a few minutes with no sound

    If I'm playing audio continuously, my audio is fine. If no sound is played for about 30 seconds, the next sound that's played has a loud pop before the audio starts playing. The board has an ALC892 chipset. Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?
  4. mjgunn

    Stock Sandy Bridge cooler noise level

    Hey, so I've broken down and decided that trying to force my dell to work isn't really worth it (it's starting to feel like trying to put a square peg in a round hole....even more so than building a hackintosh usually does), I'm passing it to my girlfriend and putting together a computer. I'm...
  5. mjgunn

    Check in: Do you have to lower your multiplier or not?

    Ok, trying to gather a definitive answer here. From the people I've spoken to, most of them have to lower their multiplier to 32 to get their system to go without hitting a reset loop with the vanilla SB kernel. However I have spoken to a handful of people who do NOT have to do that. I've...
  6. mjgunn

    Has anyone tried this to avoid lowering your multiplier?

    I saw this when Tony posted the story about the MBP 10.6.7 update here ... -2011.html One of the commenters said "Just remove the appleintelcpupowermanagment kext, then change your multiplier back, I suggest over clock by 5% I am running my 2600 at...
  7. mjgunn

    Which Chameleon to use?

    I'm getting ready to do an install on a i7 2600 based system with a ATI 6870 installed. Do I use Chameleon r748 - ATI Experimental, or r709 - Sandy Bridge?
  8. mjgunn

    5850 Displayport?

    Read some posts on here about how some ports on their video cards don't work, waiting for my machine to arrive so I can put it together and install OS X, anyone know from experience if the displayport on it will/should work correctly?
  9. mjgunn

    Problem getting ALC887 Working

    I'm having some problems getting my ALC887 working with the Realtek options in multibeast. I can get my audio working with Voodoo, but would like to use the realtek specific drivers. I've removed Voodoo (deleting the VoodooHDA from extensions and the preference pane is all you need to do to...
  10. mjgunn

    Official Sandy Bridge support comes to all processors or...?

    This is my first attempt at a hack, and I have to say, I'm hugely impressed with how far the community has come from when I first thought about doing this 2 years ago. I bought an off the shelf dell and with minimal hassle have a fully working macintosh that is remarkably stable. I have one...
  11. mjgunn

    Any good & up to date Dual Boot Guides?

    I've come across some that are pretty confusing and seem to be none too recent. I'd like to dual boot windows 7 and OS X. From what I understand the install is different if you want to do 1 HD for both or 2 HDs, 1 for each OS, with 2 HDs being easier. I'd like to keep it at 1 drive if...
  12. mjgunn

    5850 a good choice?

    Been going through the available options, and I was originally planning to go for a 460 gtx, but seeing the problems with them I decided I'm better off going for a better supported/less problematic ATI model. I'm running a 5770 I'm borrowing from a friend right now, but I'd like something with...
  13. mjgunn

    OS X thinks SB i7 is 32 bit only, can't open some programs

    Not sure if I did something wrong during the install or if this is a problem with the hack we're using to get SB working. A few (very few) programs won't work, mostly free games I grabbed off the App Store. The icons have a big circle with a slash through it and when i try to run them I get...
  14. mjgunn

    Make chameleon automatically boot OS X if no OS selected?

    Is it possible to make chameleon do this? Preferably after a few seconds to allow me to pick my (eventual) windows install, or right away if not? I have a bluetooth keyboard connected to my computer which isn't detected until OS X boots, so right now when I need to reboot I have to plug in a...
  15. mjgunn

    Problem getting HD booting to work

    Not sure if this should be contained to the Sandy Bridge section since I'm using a computer with that, but I'm thinking this (probably) isn't a SB specific problem. Installed yesterday, followed the directions in the SB install guide. Everything is working well, except for 1 thing, I cannot...
  16. mjgunn

    Dell XPS 8300 i7 hacked perfectly except....

    For the network, cannot seem to get it working. According to windows it's a "Broadcom NetLink Gigabit Ethernet", having a hard time tracking down exactly which model, I can grab the hardware IDs if that would help. This is my first hackintosh, I was looking through this thread...