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  1. ImmortalJman

    No QE/CI 980 Ti in Final Cut Pro X Plugin, Need volunteers to confirm bug

    I'm running 10.11.1 with a 980 Ti and I've been trying to isolate the problem of why the plugin won't render. In my logs I see a bunch of issues with CI (core image) which this plugin makes heavy use of. I need someone who is also using a Maxwell chip (GeForce GTX 750, 750 Ti, 950, 960, 970...
  2. ImmortalJman

    2nd GTX 980 Ti not loading kexts

    I've been trying for a number of weeks trying to solve this and haven't really gotten very far. My first 980 Ti in the seventh slot is recognized and loads the kexts from the web driver just fine. My second 980 Ti is in the fifth slot and throughout the Clover boot in the verbose mode it loads...
  3. ImmortalJman

    Dual GPUs and Clover EFI and Legacy

    I'm trying to gather more information for a possible bug that's been listed in the bug list for people trying to use dual GPU's and Clover EFI. Legacy users you can submit your results as well to help prove a theory. Please list your success and/or failures with complete system specs including...
  4. ImmortalJman

    Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti fan stuck at 19RPM in 10.11

    The problem says it all. I finally got 10.11 installed and everything runs smoothly but my card is stuck at 19 RPM according to HW monitor which is definitely right because I can see the GPU temp soar when under load. Fixes?
  5. ImmortalJman

    Need help adding Second GTX 980 Ti

    I finally got a successful boot into El Capitan with my Graphics Card in the 5th slot. All other slots froze at PCI configuration. I had a successful two gpu setup in mavericks (the OS I upgraded from). If I install the GPU in slots 1 or 3. I can get past everything and then it hangs at the...
  6. ImmortalJman

    El Capitan only showing 16Gb of 32GB installed

    The title says it all. I finally got 10.11 installed and found a stable install with my new GTX 980 Ti installed. For some reason, I'm only showing 16Gb but I have 32 installed. It showed fine on Mavericks. BIOS currently reports 32 as well. The other thing is I have 2 8 core cpus and hardware...
  7. ImmortalJman

    Only boots with cpus=1/cpus=31 and freezes at PCI Configuration Begin when GTX 980 Ti installed

    I've had an excellent system running Mavericks with everything running. I know I need to upgrade soon and I had been using a GTX 770 4gb and GTX 780 Ti. In order for the GTX 980 Ti to work I need at least Yosemite. Right now, I'm really running Yosemite and I've encountered the same errors in El...
  8. ImmortalJman

    GTX 980 Ti + 10.9.5 pci4 [Fatal] Unknown Chipset Error shows in verbose

    I haven't updated yet to Yosemite or El Capitan successfully and needed to upgrade to a pair of GTX 980 Ti's from Gigabyte Gaming Edition. When it boots, the verbose mode shows pci4 Fatal [unknown chipset]. The only way I can boot in is by using nv_disbale =1 flag. I have the most current...
  9. ImmortalJman

    GA-X79-UP4--i74930K-GA-GTX770 4GB, skipping video and audio dropping

    I have been through a number of posts for the last week and haven't come to any diagnosis as to what is causing this. Specs are: Board: GA-X79-UP4 Bios:F4 CPU: i7-4930K GPU: GA-GTX770 4GB O.C edition O.S.: 10.9.2 It doesn't matter if it's a video file, or video in a browser the results are the...