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  1. JoshHT

    system posted in safe mode after 10.15.4 Update

    having the same problem with Big Sur on Z490 Asus Prime A. Anyone have found the a fix for it? BTW Im using Opencore 0.6.6
  2. JoshHT

    Stuck at SMCSuperIO: ssio @ detected device Nuvoton NCT679BD

    What if I am using opencore instead? I get the same line of error? My specs: i7 10700k Asus Prime A Z490 32gb RAM
  3. JoshHT

    HDD not showing up in Catalina

    Okay. Just had to fix the bios settings. I did everything all over agin. AHCI vt-d disabling fast boot and secure boot etc. I dont understand why or how the settings in the bios changed but changing them again allowed me to boot normally again. I took the opportunity to save the bios profile...
  4. JoshHT

    HDD not showing up in Catalina

    Never mind guys, figured it out.
  5. JoshHT

    HDD not showing up in Catalina

    Hi everyone, i have successfully installed Catalina since last year (August 24th to be exact and it was the beta version), all updates went smoothly. I have to SSD one for MacOS and the other one for Windows. I also have two HDD for backup inside of the computer. Everything was working perfectly...
  6. JoshHT

    macOS Catalina Public Beta is Now Available

    Everything works just like any other update! Awesome. Just installed latest Lilu.kext But I have one question although it may be too soon to ask it. Do you think it will stay that way for all the other updates til the release this fall?