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  1. freshlesh03

    Gigabyte X99-UD4 - everything works, except USB 3

    Can you share your EFI folder. I have a similar Mobo x99m gaming 5, with a i7 5820k CPU. But can't seem to get the install to boot.
  2. freshlesh03


    My setup randomly booted with this error: "Spaceman_Freed:3940 freeing 0x9da0b:1, but 1 bits are already clear." I have been trying to fresh install 10.13.6 High Sierra with a new SSD drive, but get this error at the end of the install as well. I use the npci=0x2000 boot flag, and boot into...
  3. freshlesh03

    spaceman_free_completed:4057: sfq 1 error removing entry 645643 1 from free queue: 2

    I get this error on repeat when trying to clean install High Sierra on my Gigabyte x99m gaming 5 mobo. It randomly started a few weeks ago and cant even clean install on a new SSD now. Any ideas what this is?
  4. freshlesh03

    Freak's GA-X99M-GAMING 5 mATX Build - I7 5930K - GTX 970 - Clover

    Has anyone updated to the latest OS? Is there a guide for the latest update with this mobo?
  5. freshlesh03

    [SUCCESS] i7-5820k / GTX 970 / GA-X99-UD4 High Sierra 10.13 [Clover Guide] (100% Working)

    Hi. I have a similar build as the OP but different motherboard: GA-X99M-GAMING 5. Would I be able to follow this guide for my system?
  6. freshlesh03

    [SUCCESS] i7-5820k @ 4.3ghz, 2x GTX 970, GA-X99-UD4 Yosemite Hackintosh!

    I had to change the SMBIOS settings to Macpro5,1 temporarily using Clover configurator running the web driver for my GTX 950 card and rebooting. It should remove the nv_disable=1 flag from your boot arguments and add nvda-drv=1 flag and boot without issue. If it does you may have the wrong web...
  7. freshlesh03

    Haswell-E + X99 Motherboard Temporary Guide - OS X 10.10

    I thkn there is a gap in the Unibeast installation techinque and the Clover way TonyMac is recommending. Can anyone clearify a little? I'm getting stuck in a boot loop after creating the clover installer.
  8. freshlesh03

    [Success] MSI X99S Sli Plus - Intel Core i7-5820k - EVGA GTX980 SC 4GB

    Yosemite X99s SLI PLUS Hackintosh - Clover USB Installer. *UEFI Hi guys. I'm having some trouble with my build. Tonymacx86 recommends using the Clover bootloader, and this tutorial I think uses MultiBeast and UniBeast, so I think there is a gap somewhere in the directions for getting...
  9. freshlesh03

    Motion Computing J3400 build w/ touch screen

    Has anyone checked this tablet out? Its the: Motion Computing J3400 1.4 Core2Duo. It has a wacom digitizer so its pressure sensitive and touch enabled. would be cool to hack this.
  10. freshlesh03

    Upgraded to ga-z77x-up5-th board

    Ok I have installed a new ml drive and I am trying to get the old ssd drive to boot. I renamed the extra folder and loaded the multibeast kext for this machine onto the drive. I boot up and get to the apple logo screen and an endless spinning wheel? Any thoughts?
  11. freshlesh03

    Upgraded to ga-z77x-up5-th board

    Is there a way to delete extra folder from single user or verbose mode? Still kp after changing bios to the recommended settings.
  12. freshlesh03

    Upgraded to ga-z77x-up5-th board

    I tried the graphics enabler=no no joy. Tried to boot from ml flash drive also kp'ed? Gonna uninstall the video card and try that and see what happens.
  13. freshlesh03

    Upgraded to ga-z77x-up5-th board

    So I upgraded my motherboard to a ga-z77x-up5-th today after my first board crashed (ga-z68x-ud3h-b3). Installed the board and boated up my old drives from my previous build but they kp. I assume its because the Kexts are for the old mobo. How do I boot to old drive and install new Kexts...